Allen West “What U.S. soldiers are being FORCED to do by their own commanders is despicable”

Written by Allen B. West:

I spent two and a half years in Afghanistan, based out of Kandahar, serving as a civilian-military adviser to the Afghanistan National Army 205th Corps. Our mission was to train and assist in developing functional operating systems for the 205th Corps at their Corps (division) down to Kandak (battalion) level. Our focus areas were personnel, intelligence and security, operations, senior enlisted, battle command and control, and logistics/property accountability — and needless to say there were cultural obstacles we had to overcome.

One of the biggest obstacles was to break down the old Soviet style of battle command where all orders and directions came from higher levels and there was little acceptance of lower level initiative. As well, there was no such thing as a professional senior enlisted cadre — that had to be built. However, there were some very serious issues with which we had to contend.

I recall when we had to push for the reprimand of an Afghan commander who was ordering young enlisted men to engage in sex acts with him. There was also incessant watching of pornography on the unit computers while the Afghans were on duty. In any of these types of cases, we would bring it to the attention of the Senior Coalition Force Commander who would explain why this type of behavior was not acceptable to the Afghan Army Commander. I was in Afghanistan from mid 2005 to late 2007. It appears something has truly changed.

You may recall the story of U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, who is in the fight for his military career because of an action he and his ODA Team commander, Captain Dan Quinn took. But there is a huge twist.

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What U.S. soldiers are being FORCED to do by their own commanders is despicable – Allen B. West –




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  • USAnowMSAsadly

    For those of us who are awake to reality, we are truly in the minority. President Obuttwipe is tripling down on slamming the hammer of Marxism squarely down on freedoms, liberties, and Christianity. The old saying ” There is just one mission of The gay Marxist Muslim in Chief. That mission is to completely decapitate America on the world stage. At this point he is realizing the “Dreams from My Father.” The beheading of the USA to the MSA is now in hyper speed mode. The Marxist State of America. Prepare for the bloody flooding in the streets. Our blood.

    • Kim Smith

      well said. How one administration could manage all of this is the question. Whoever is behind obama, (IN 2006 Osama Bin laden claimed that it was the Iranians and Al Queda), whoever it might be, they must have been planning this for a very long time. In order to get a congress that is as corrupted as this one, either they have blackmailed them all, bribed them, or both. Without Congress doing their job our country will fail. What I do not understand is how was it legal for the Saudi princes, the bin ladens, to buy up all of our news outlets. Every media oulet in America is owned by either muslims or George Sorros. Even Fox is owned by the Saudi’s, Murdoch just runs it. Egypt rose up against the muslim brotherhood 3 years ago, but I have no faith in our ability to do so. More than half of America is now foreigners. History will show that America fell without one shot being fired. The biggest shock aside from our problems is how did they get the last pope to retire. In the history of the papacy that had never happened. This pope, I fear, is a false prophet as the Bible warns us about. he is a marxist. he is encouraging, no demanding, that every parish take in muslim families. So the head Christian on Earth says nothing about Christians being tortured, beheaded, and their children being sold as sex slaves but he is concerned with muslims having entrance into every Christian country.

      • Keith Against Tyranny

        Even more than our congress needing to do something, our senate needs to pony up and police the entire thing, without the senate bringing charges against the law-breaking congressmen and POTUS and each other there is no justice for Constitutional violations. Which are sadly rampant in all the lifers in seats.

  • jim scofield

    The Afgan leader should have suffered severe
    cranial ventilation.

    • Tom Bain

      Or OBAMA

  • Rollin Dennis

    these soldiers are a disgrace to the uniform and America .you don’t have to stand by and let this happen.If you are given a order like that you can refuse it and do what is right by American law.And if it came from a general you can have him arrested for this act of bullshit.And I am a veteran and I would of never let this happen on my watch.disgrace from our people