Allen West “Whoa: What Obama just did may be the FIRST thing I actually agree with”

Whoa: What Obama just did may be the FIRST thing I actually agree with. ~ Allen West

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

As Written By Allen B. West:

It’s not often I can say I’m pleased with news coming from the Obama administration and especially from Jacob Lew of the Treasury Department. But yesterday was truly a reason to celebrate. There had been much speculation about the Obama administration’s desire to change the faces on the $10 and $20 bills. As you probably know by now, Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary War hero, coauthor of our Constitution, and first secretary of the treasury, gets to stay.

But it was the news that Harriett Tubman was selected to be on the $20 bill that made me so very proud. Tubman truly embodies the power of one to break the nefarious hold of tyranny on the lives of blacks.

I’m stoked about this because Harriett Tubman was a black Republican and she gets to replace the recognized founder of the Democrat Party, Andrew Jackson. And when you consider the heroism, courage, and conviction of Ms. Tubman, who better to be on the front of the $20 bill?

Harriett Tubman is known for her exploits with the “Underground Railroad.” It was her direct efforts that resulted in the freedom of countless blacks, freeing them from slavery. Ms. Tubman played an instrumental part in undermining and challenging the Democrat Party and their support of the institution of slavery. She was an instrumental part of a movement fully embraced by the Republican Party: the abolition of slavery, the physical chains of bondage preventing individual freedom.

Her placement on the currency is not just about being the first black and first woman in 100 years. Ms. Tubman symbolizes the fight that continues, still against the Democrat Party, the party of the fella she replaced on the bill. Today, it’s not slavery, but socialism that enslaves the individual economic freedom of black Americans. The new American Socialist Party, once known as the Democrat Party, has created the metaphysical chains of dependency to do even worse than what was done in the era of slavery.

They’ve destroyed the indomitable individual spirit in the black community which now sits waiting for the crumbs of government subsistence — instead of reaching for the golden ring of the American dream. It was a Democrat president, Lyndon Johnson, who with his Great Society idea of government giving a check to women who have children out of wedlock, as long as they do not have a man, i.e dad, in the home that has exacerbated the epidemic rise of single parent households in the black community.


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Whoa: What Obama just did may be the FIRST thing I actually agree with – Allen B. West –




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  • frankenbiker

    Sorry, just don’t agree with this. The only reason their doing this isto pacify a few blacks. Basically, they’re trying to be PC. Since I’ve never been PC in my life, I’m not about to start now. Call me racist if you want, I know, and my family knows I’m not. So yoour opinion doesn’t mean squat to me.

    • JDW

      I agree with you. There were a lot of blacks through history that did some mighty good things. They should be remembered, but not used as PC fodder.

    • ONTIME

      You do know this is a planned crisis admin and political PC is all a part of their symbolism over substance…..???

      • frankenbiker

        Yeah, hence my post claiming as such. This regime is nothing but PC in an IV drip.

    • ronigee dawg

      hey … getting a demoncrapt off of a bill and putting on a Republican … PRICELESS … but ONLY if the damned establishment RINOs had *any* ability to actually do some messaging … which (they have proven) they are unbelievably incompetent at.

      Could you imagine what would happen if *half* of black folks that voted for these scum FINALLY got the message about what *really* happened? There might not be another demoncrapt elected for 50 years.


    I think they should have devoted a new denomination to her specifically, like a $2 or a $75 bill…..She was a tough Ol’ cookie and a memorial heroine……

    • NukeWaste

      Put her on a coin. If you arent cool enough to put her on a $2.00 coin, put her on a brand new pure silver $25 piece. You cant draw all over either of those either. A good win.

  • The Old Chip

    Allen West is right; in the American black communities; before 1964 and DEMOCRAT Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society”, 82% of America’s black family’s consisted of a mother, a father and children; same last name, all in the same house; a house they actually owned, not one of those human warehouse government projects. Interestingly enough, black schools then were on par with just about any white school.
    More recently however, 72% of black babies, those that weren’t aborted, were born to single parent households, many with no idea who the father is.
    Comedians joke that before the NBA played an away game, they had to check that
    all the players had their child support payments up to date in that city so they didn’t get arrested.

    Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who won’t vote.
    Time to drain the swamp – Remember in November.

    • satin85718

      The democrats vote with their hands out for more freebies. As for voting? How many times have the democrats been caught cheating at the polls changing republican to democrat. Stop all this importing and put our men back to work.

  • satin85718

    Has anyone thought about how much the cost will be to reprint all our money? Right now we can’t afford the change of money.

    • ronigee dawg

      yeah … um … wow … might just want to delete that note hon. they don’t “reprint” anything … its just a change to the new ones. they make changes all the time … dates, the secretary of treasury, etc.. The only “costs” involved would be whatever costs are associated with fighting about it.

  • dhd123

    If anyone cares to read, this person deserves her place on the $20. This is the most non political choice that could have been made. If you read her story you will find out why. Jackson was responsible for the trail of tears, Tubman had the underground railroad. Jackson took freedom from the “Civilized tribes”, Tubman helped slaves achieve freedom.

  • ronigee dawg

    FOR ONCE … can the friggin establishment RINOs sit down and get a message correct … THIS WOMAN WAS A REPUBLICAN!!!

    Nah, I am sure they cannot … you have a college in Ill-i-noise that lists Abraham Lincoln as a demoncrapt … these bozos could screw up a wet dream.

    • NukeWaste

      Put her on a $2.00 coin. They will be swept up by collectors. Smart Conservatives look at her as a strong, brave, Conservative Black lady. You cant beat that.

  • Moss500

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