Allen West: With all eyes on Hillary, Obama hopes you won’t notice what ELSE just happened

I know our focus is on the decision of FBI Director James Comey (and now Attorney General Loretta Lynch) regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server use — the height of arrogance. Well, something just happened further south of these United States that also evidences arrogance — actually, blatant disrespect and disregard.


As Written By Allen B. West:

As reported by RT.comA Syrian former Guantanamo detainee has gone missing after resettling in Latin America. An internal alert was issued by a Brazilian airline for Jihad Ahmed Dhiab, as Uruguayan authorities had for weeks believed that the ex-prisoner was in Brazil. 

The former detainee was one of six who resettled in Uruguay as part of a proposal by then-President Jose Mujica. Under law Dhiab is entitled to leave his new home for other countries, but authorities across borders have lost all track of him, with the Uruguayans insisting for weeks he was in Brazil. However the Brazilians say they have no record of him entering the country, the Associated Press (AP) reports. 

Alarms were first raised in late June, when law enforcement in Brazil began the search in coordination with American and Uruguayan authorities. According to the Washington Post, US officials believed Dhiab had left for Brazil without the necessary documents to do so legally. Local Uruguayan media reported then that the former detainee was free to move about as he pleased, but the Brazilians confirmed he had previously been denied entry into the country. 

Uruguay’s internal minister was unable to clarify the situation, although, according to the AP, another Uruguayan official claimed that Dhiab was in fact allowed to enter Brazil. 

In either case, the deepening mystery threatens to inflame further the tensions between the White House and Congress – Dhiab’s resettlement being part of the Obama administration’s strategy for eventually shuttering the Guantanamo Bay facility.

OK, I just have a thought, aren’t the Olympics supposed to be taking place in Brazil? Now, what kind of deal is it that enables an Islamic terrorist taken off the battlefield to have Expedia travel privileges? Of course, this forces me to ask, what about the Taliban Five — you know, those fellas we freed for a doggone deserter, where are they? Heck, where is Bowe Bergdahl? Maybe Bergdahl is with Jihad Ahmed Dhiab.

And we are told this false narrative about GITMO being a recruiting tool for jihadists. This is yet another example of the obfuscation and denial of the Obama administration evidencing their inability to defeat this global militant Islamic movement. And do any of you actually expect something different from Hillary Clinton? You know, the person who stated that we needed to “empathize with our enemy” — meaning release them to Uruguay, making sure they have a nice domicile, laughing it up for the cameras. And then lose track of them.

That leads to another inquiry, where is the wife of Omar Mateen? One minute we hear she knew about the intended attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Now we can’t find her, or at least we haven’t seen or heard anything about her and her prosecution.

This is all so very bizarre. And no, ISIS is not contained, either.

The enemy has just gotta be laughing their butts off at us — sadly, we are all ….

Full Story Here:

With all eyes on Hillary, Obama hopes you won’t notice what ELSE just happened… – Allen B. West –



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  • Bob

    QUOTE: And I find it infuriating that not one
    of 535 members of Congress have EVER tried to stop BO!!! from his
    treasonous, destructive agenda for America. They are obviously complicit
    in the fundamental transformation. END QUOTE
    EXACTLY, I agree 100%.
    they should all be tried for TREASON!

    • Jim Matis

      There were a few good men who opposed it, but they were swamped in a sea of RINOS and LWBDZs.

  • Jim Matis

    We need to set up a bank of guillotines around that lake in front of the Monument and liberally apply it.

  • kaykaymoore47

    Congress is full of cowards!!!! They won’t go after Obama or Hillary…thought Republicans have the House & Senate, not that it makes much difference!!! Obama, Loretta Lynch, Comey let Hillary off with little than a slap on the wrist!!!! She’s a crook, she’s corrupt, she’s a liar, she’s power hungry, she’s vindictive, she uses her black democratic base for votes only, many in her Democratic Party don’t care she lies or is corrupt and will take millions & millions of dollars from foreign governments for favors, her Clinton Foundation is supposed to be for global projects to help the poor in foreign countries but less than 10% is donated because it’s the Clinton’s SLUSH FUND. SO MANY, MANY MORE SCANDALS WHERE SHE SHOULD NEVER HOLD THE PRESIDENCY…EVER!!!!

    • Linda Shelton

      They didn’t even slap.