Allen West won’t challenge Sessions, leaves open return to politics

Allen West said he would not challenge Congressman Pete Sessions but left open the possibility of returning to political office.

As Written By Jason Whitely WFAA:

DALLAS – Allen West, president and CEO of Dallas-based think tank National Center for Policy Analysis, said he would not challenge Congressman Pete Sessions. However, he left open the possibility of returning to political office during an interview on WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics to be broadcast Sunday.

West, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and former congressman from Florida, moved to Denton County last year to take over NCPA. But in March, records show, he moved to Sessions district in Dallas. His new home is also much closer to NCPA’s headquarters at Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway.

When asked about that and how he would evaluate Sessions’ performance in Congress, West said he is primarily focused on policy issues at NCPA.

“I’m not really sitting down and worrying about what Pete Sessions is doing,” West told Inside Texas Politics. “I know Pete very well. I know him as the Rules Chairman and some of the things he has done. But I think it’s for the voters overall to decide when we have the election next year.”

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  • ADR

    Allen West has so much to offer, whether it be as a VP, Secretary of Defense, or a replacement for Senator John Cornyn. There are few Patriots who have and are serving this nation, and we much encourage each one to gain a greater voice.

    • little sister

      Hear.. hear on replacing Senator John Cornyn!

      • carlcasino

        If John could take Democrat Thad Cochran from MS. with him it would be a two fur.
        I know Thad has a R behind his name it should be a P for Progresive.