An Iran Without Sanctions Spurs Quicker Plan of Action By Saudis

The nuclear deal that will lift tough sanctions on Iran is mobilizing Saudi Arabia to turn the tide against its regional rival in Yemen and Syria before it makes an economic recovery, military officials and analysts say.

As Reported by Taylor Luck for The Christian Science Monitor:

“An Iran without sanctions will pump billions of dollars to its proxies, which are destabilizing Yemen, Syria, and Iraq,” says Jasser al Jasser, managing editor of the pro-government Al Jazeerah daily. “Saudi Arabia will not allow Iran to take advantage of this deal.”

According to the military officials and analysts, the nuclear deal has left the Saudis scrambling to make as many battlefield gains in neighboring states as possible before sanctions are lifted over the next year, potentially leaving Iran flush with more than $100 billion in unfrozen funds and new revenues – resources they say Tehran will use to expand its proxy wars.

The first priority for Riyadh’s new offensive is Yemen, observers say, where it has been embroiled in a mostly ineffectual but deadly four-month campaign of airstrikes to secure a foothold for the pro-Saudi government of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, currently in exile in Saudi Arabia.

“Yemen is the red line for Saudi Arabia. We will see military escalations in Yemen in the coming days in order to prevent what Saudi sees as an Iranian foothold in the Gulf,” says Mustafa Alani, director of security and defense studies at the Jeddah-based Gulf Research Center.

Full Story Continues Here:

Nuclear deal: Saudis signal they’ll act before Iran gets the money – Yahoo News

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  • a fearlessfighter

    Iran doesn’t need to do anything in the region .. With regards to destabilizing regimes.. After all, With Isis running amuck.. Security forces need modernization of the Iranian military and improving domestic conditions this will be what Iran is going to concentrate on. Less the state of Iran fall victim to the caliphate or Islamic state, that is causing havoc in the region. Now that sanctions are being lifted the new generation of its citizens are going to expect improvements domestically and if Iran doesn’t make good, you will hear whispers of regime change long before Iran becomes a threat to Saudi Arabia….

    • Aaron Hughes

      Thought provoking. We’ll see.

    • Smittycares

      That is the funniest left wing narrative I’ve ever heard, you should go CNN with that.

  • whodat59

    Uh, well fearless, that theory holds water until you realize that as long as Iran has cranes they can drive down public streets, and rope, they’ll hang dissenters.

  • Mickey Mouse

    And they can Thank Obama and Kerry for it. THe Dems have bent them over too. More sh#t to add to Obamas accomplishments.

  • joe blabs

    The SAUDIS NEED to put an END to the Shia Scum that are trying to destabilize the Region.—-They have the $$$, so they should USE IT NOW.

  • Shaniqua

    Since America no longer has a real president, perhaps the Saudis and Israel will save US!

  • CoonOkie

    Leave it to the democrats to put the United States and the rest of the world at risk. thank you O-blame-someone-else. You are a waste of human flesh.