UPDATED: Angry Parent Destroys Common Core by writing this on son’s test



VIA Tickld Mobile – Angry Parent Writes A Letter To The Examiner. It’s Hard Not To Agree 




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  • Jerry Sutton

    Colombus did discover’ the America’s as far as the old world was concerned. The fact others found it does not negate the fact because the others discovery disappeared or were not known. All of you who have bought the crap dealing with the destruction of exceptional men and women need to take your head out of the Communists Azs

  • Julie Smalley

    I agree with you let’s go back to books of the past because at least the made sense and you could learn from them with ease than these complicated common core idiotic formulas that make no sense.

  • Julie Smalley

    I agree I remember using books that were published some of the 30s,40s some books were extremely used, possibly may of been used by my parents, the teachers were very protective of the books if you tore up a book your parents got a bill to pay for a new book, we took care of the books, cause your oarents then made your pay off that book with chores. Some books didn’t cover, somethings because of their age so teachers added to a particular subject. Kids these days aren’t able to read above a Jr hi level at best or not many can tell you anything about american history or the constitution by the time they get out of high school I at 8th grade had to learn and bill of rights and constitution to pass into high school, I had teachers that were in charge of their class in fact on day one the their rules were laid out and you disobeyed those rules you were punished and your parents were told of you misbehavior, then you got punished at home, I told my children’s principle and the teachers not to be afraid to punish my child for misbehaving just let me know and I will make sure they never misbehave again, I didnt abuse made my children do homework not from school my homework they had to read a book our write sentences oh they said I was mean but I had only a few time that happen and they never got in trouble again.