Anti-Trump Protestors BURN Shoes of Pro-Trump Shoe Company, Here’s the thing …

Because New Balance shoes has voiced hopeful support for a Donald Trump administration, the leftist, progressive rioters have decided to burn their New Balance shoes in protest. The image of barefoot “protestors” immediately came to mind. New Balance has not been a fan of President Obama over the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership. Oh! Coincidentally, New Balance is running a 10% off deal if you would like to show your support. I hope they have enough inventory.

As Written By Jack Kocsis for Daily Caller:

Why not give them to Good Will?

A prominent shoe company is looking forward to the upcoming Trump administration. New Balance (which, incidentally, is currently running a 10 percent off deal) apparently had a fraught relationship with President Obama, as evidenced by their positive comments on president-elect Donald Trump. Wall Street Journal’s Sara Germano reports:


New Balance’s beef with the outgoing president stems from his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which Donald Trump has promised to oppose when he takes office.

Anti-Trump protesters were none too pleased with the above statement. Many tweeted images and videos of them burning their ….

Full Story Here:

Anti-Trump Protestors Burn New Balances | The Daily Caller



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  • Geo Garcia

    One of the Very few that still makes shoes in the USA..

    • Ryan D

      I did not know that. Will keep that in mind next time I need sneakers.

      • Geo Garcia

        only certain ones tho.. there about 20 bux more.. order on line and make sure where there made

  • Cordstreet

    I love New Balance. I have wide feet and NB is the only brand I wear because they have the wide in my size, they’re durable and extremely comfortable. Running at least 10 miles/day I need a good fitting shoe that lasts.

  • James McDowell
  • proudcarrier

    With a little luck New Balance will sell any factory seconds they had stockpiled, at full price, to these protesters, and crank up production to meet the demand for shoes to burn. It’s a shame to burn the good shoes this company makes, but if it increases their sales, I say : “Go for it !” . ‘A free book of matches with every pair’ should be their new ad campaign.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Why haven’t these thugs been arrested and tried?

  • Virginia Watson

    We have too many people who grew up not taking the responsibility for their own actions, now you have young adults who do not think ahead to realize the consequences. Obviously they did not pay for the shoes but what kind of idiot would burn their own shoes, especially the good ones!