Are these the top 5 border issues Donald Trump meant?

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has the nation up in arms over his recent comments about CRIMINAL illegals. Criminal meaning, here illegally. After reading this easy to understand top five list, does the Donald have the right to make the statements he is being criticized for?

1. It’s The Law – Improper entry across the border is illegal and makes it a CRIMINAL offense.

mexico judge

2. Illegal Drugs and criminal class – Should I give you the entire list, or just the most recent issue? – A man suspected in the shooting death of a woman at a busy San Francisco tourist destination has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times, most recently in 2009, a federal agency said Friday. Click Here


3. Burden to working class in jobs and taxes – The burden to local governments is using up all resources that should benefit citizens and robbing these citizens of opportunity.


4. Disease Prevention – Contagious and most are not vaccinated. Diseases documented to be coming across the border that were eradicated from here in the middle of the last century.


5. There is no reciprocal agreement with Mexico – Cross the border in their direction, you are arrested and imprisoned. (Remember this young man below?)



Josh Earnest blames Republicans, says Obama doing great work to secure our borders. Blatant lies.




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  • Bob

    WOW, imagine with an active law reflecting Jesus’ desires, the man would of been killed a long time ago – problem solved and a certain deterrent for TARES like HIM into the future – & you know what… if one should rise their ugly head and test the waters, PUT HIM DOWN for the Love of God and your fellow mankind… and PRAISE Jesus for showing us the Narrow Path in which we walk.

  • Grundune

    We wouldn’t have America if the Founding Fathers tried to make the government “biblical” like Ted R. Weiland is advocating. Whatever “biblical” means.

    The U.S. Constitution has a great track record of preserving liberty and freedom for generations. What’s your track record, Ted? Why should anyone listen to you?