Ben Carson HAMMERS CNN’s Talking Head Over Immigration [VIDEO]

In a recent CNN interview, Jim Acosta took Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about using drones at the border out of context. Carson proceeded to ‘take apart” the biased liberal talking head with this “Listen. Read my lips. Read my lips, listen very carefully to what I am saying,” Carson said it’s the liberal media’s commitment to sidetrack his presidential campaign. “They don’t want people to take me seriously. And they’re very afraid of my message getting out there because if flies directly in the face of the secular-progressive movement. I’m a huge threat to them.”




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  • Bill30097

    Jim Acosta has no personal integrity.

    • kopperskettle

      But, Ben Carson does! And he shows it in what
      he says and how he says it.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    I’m With Ben!


    • Michael Bowen

      Who couldn’t or wouldn’t Be he is ,Smart ,Honest ,Soft spoken ,and Not full of phony BS . almost forgot he has something else most don’t have INTEGRITY !

  • nicki-baby

    Dr. Carson is a true American, one smart and honest gentleman, God bless you , Dr. Carson !!!

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      • Secretsquid

        Buzz off.

  • Pam

    The media could be such a huge resource to the voting public if they had all not descended into sensationalized talk show host. The time when they were impartial investigators interested in providing the people with the truth is dead and buried.

  • DatBus

    Tell us again how there’s no “liberal bias” in media. That guy was nothing but a shill for the dishonest left who want to paint regulating immigration as “racist”. How did this get so out of control?

    • GLCriscuolo

      “Out of controll” the politically correct crowd has managed to take over the Democratic Party/Socialist Party and media to do anything, say anything or minupulate any situation, cause or opponent to further their support in taking down America. America instead of growing in freedoms for all, is in decline because of very poor leadership for many years and both parties are to blame. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and yes, even over-the-top Donald Trump are breaking ground, speaking the truth saying what Americans can’t seem to get their representatives to hear. The status-quo in government and our lives is because we keep voting in the same tired old “lies” told by the same self-serving old “liars”.

  • JenniferP

    heheheh. go Mr. Carson!!

  • ConDada

    Are they really brining up stuff from 1992? Like the landscape of America has not changed significantly in every way in over 20 years? Hilarious. I am very curious what the criteria to be a host of one of these “talking head” shows is. Ask the same two questions 10 times till you get an answer you can take out of context and call it an interview?