Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to Hillary?

Hypocritical  behavior always tries to hide what real motivations and beliefs are. In this case, you can assume that Hillary Clinton just wanted to preserve the serenity and security of her rally. After all, she is paying for that microphone and not the BLM people. How dare they try to take over. Oh wait! Wasn’t Donald Trump pilloried when he did this. Hmmmmm. Where is the media outrage today?


As Written BY JAZZ SHAW at Hot Air:

#BlackLivesMatter supporters booted from Georgia rally for Hillary.

Wait… I thought Hillary Clinton was the champion of minority voters and the Social Justice Warriors? If so, this news is darned peculiar. At a rally in Atlanta, Georgia the security team covering the former Secretary of State hastily escorted a couple of attendees out of the facility yesterday for the outrageous crime of holding up some signs which the campaign staff had given them before the event began. Of course, they had altered the promotional material a bit by scrawling three little words on the back of one of the Hillary signs, and they weren’t we love you. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Meagan Mwanda and Ashona Husbands never wanted to hold the Hillary Clinton sign in the first place.

Early Friday, the two Georgia State University freshmen walked to Atlanta’s City Hall to hear the Democratic presidential candidate. Last week, they attended a rally by Bernie Sanders at Morehouse College. They wanted a chance to size up Clinton on Friday but say they didn’t get it.

Mwanda and Husbands claim they were kicked out of the rally for writing “Black Lives Matter” on the back of a Clinton sign.

“Why are these three words such a threat to her and her campaign?” Mwanda said.




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  • Bobseeks

    No lives matter to shillary. People are just a means to an end for her.

    • onlyparadise

      black lives matters to Hilary . for 13 hours.. 7 am to 8 pm on election day

      after that hilary does not remember
      be a sheep vote demo crap

      • Bobseeks

        Good post.

  • Chas

    #BlackLivesMatter to HilLIARy!?!? Only if she owns them…

  • Lynette Johnson

    lol, Hillary paid them to protest a bit.
    She’s ALL about the votes!!!
    The free publicity idea came from Trump, Hillary finally caught on to this novel idea.
    She’s not dumb, just EVIL!!!!

  • frankenbiker

    Well truth be know, black lives don’t matter much to me either. When they start mattering to themselves, then maybe I’ll start thinking differently. But, until they stop killing each other, living off the governments tit, (our tax dollars), they won’t matter. At his point they’re just parasites wanting nothing but more free sht from these candidates. They’re ignorant of the fact that we can’t support them much longer, because our national debt won’t be able to sustain their lifestyle. When that collapses on them, they’ll start rioting, burring the businesses that they frequently use, killing cops, overturning their cars, battering them with rocks and bottles. Then demand that they come restore order. Like I said, they’re ignorant fcks, and their lives don’t matter to me at all.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      I agree with everything you say FB, except there are a lot of others, in the crayola box, that act the same way!

      • frankenbiker

        Not saying there isn’t, but when was the last time you saw a white riot, or an Asian riot, o?

        • Nunnyah Biz

          White, not since Kent state. Asians, well if you consider all the Asian gang fights that occur on the “left coast” daily, to be riots, they have them!

          But I do get your point!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    You gotta give ol’ hitlery credit! She is truly color blind when it comes to those she uses & despises, at the same time!