BLISTERING VIDEO “Crooked Hillary Gets Caught Lying Again”

Crooked Hillary? The RNC (Republican National Committee) has put out an anti-Hillary Clinton ad using presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s nickname for his opponent. Are they really fighting for Trump? Well, if your mouth didn’t hit the floor after that tidbit of information, then this video will do the trick.

Once again, Crooked Hillary Clinton is caught lying about her secret email server. By not coming forward with the whole truth about how she violated the law, put national security at risk, and betrayed the trust of the American people, she has proven yet again she cannot be trusted to lead our country as president.



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  • Linda Shelton

    She has proved her self, but no one is listening, not who needs to be listening.

    • Ah nutz

      proven to be absolute low life + nowhere close to be fit for even street sweeper

      • Louise Marble

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    • Allard Jacobsen

      Linda why don’t you show your face like everyone else? I would be ashamed to show my face too if I was supporting crooked Hillary.

      • Linda Shelton

        1. I do not support Hillary
        2. You did not really read what I said.
        3. I have not figured how to put a picture in here.

      • ONTIME

        read it again….

    • Mamatex

      You are right! The fact that anyone supports Hillary shows they are not listening or worse yet, they do not care that she has a long history of lying.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Has anyone ever known leftists, much less Hillary, to be truthful?

    • ONTIME

      Yes, her enabled pervert is every bit as culpable as is she in all of the political scams they have been complicit in…..

  • frankenbiker

    So she lied, whats the big deal, other than four Americans died and we can’t see any emails pertaining to that event because she flushed them down the toilet?
    This whore should be wearing an orange pant suit, instead of being on the campaign trail.

  • Chet

    Wow! That B&W pic of Ms Hillary above is what she really looks like, and not as we see her nowadays…


    This career ditz and her entire family are a bag of lying writhing snakes, I can hardly wait to see the Clinton Crime Foundation fall………….