BREAKING: US House votes to defund Planned Parenthood

Legislators continue their investigation of allegations that the abortion giant is profiting from the sale of fetal body parts.

As Reported Breaking By Life News:

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 18, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — The U.S. House of Representatives voted today to defund Planned Parenthood while legislators continue their investigation of allegations that the abortion giant is profiting from the sale of fetal body parts.

The bill would take the $235 million of savings and invest it into Federally Qualified Health Centers.

With three Republicans and two Democrats crossing the aisle, the final vote for H.R. 3134, the “Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015,” was 241-187. The bill would defund Planned Parenthood while Congress investigates whether it has violated federal fetal harvesting laws, as well as partial-birth abortion and abortion modification laws.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, said in a statement that the vote was “about continuing the process to protect our most vulnerable.”

The bill was one of two pro-life bills passed by the House today. The other was H.R. 3504, the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which makes killing a baby born due to a botched abortion first-degree murder.


BREAKING: US House votes to defund Planned Parenthood in wake of baby parts scandal | News | LifeSite




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  • Crystal

    Isn’t everyone REQUIRED to have insurance with obamacare now, so why do we even need Planned Parenthood?

    • America_Woman

      We don’t.

    • ronigee dawg

      Obamacare is how they are pouring the millions INTO planned parenthood. remember that planned parenthood really does not do anything for the money … it is a money laundering scheme to give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars THROUGH planned parenthood and then back into the pockets of the demoncrapts via donations, PACs, etc.

      This is like a lot of the other crap the demoncrapts do … they make themselves FILTHY rich and fund their party by running the taxpayers through the wringer.

      when they were creating homeland security years ago … the demoncrapts were such bald faced scumbags that they made THE major criteria that all the jobs were government union (brownshirt) jobs … again guarantees of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars funneled back into their bank accounts.

      If demoncrapts had to actually rely on their constituents for contributions … they would have been extinct years ago … how the hell do you get money out of freeloading bums? ALL of the trillions of dollars that they piss away year after year is tapped back to them.

      • Bill Pardew

        Why is it the world can know of that deviate way of fu”ding there ventures along with crimes like the Lois Lerner IRS scandall Bengazi obamas birth documents are fake the bo bergdal tradr and yet they keep livi”g and laughing there asses off at us because they are bought and paid for and or police should be arrestng these criminals instead the criminal s laugh at our lathargic repo”se to anything

        • Dorrie

          Bill … please slow down and proof read what you posted. You make it hard to decipher!

          • Bill Pardew


        • ronigee dawg

          little tough to read … don’t hit your keys so hard! LOL Just teasin … if you are asking why these guys do this, it is BECAUSE WE LET THEM. no, seriously … talk to a demoncrapt … try to get them to actually focus for 5 minutes … and you will have your answer.

          There is a reason why Gruber let the cat out of the bag … “stupid american voters” … and they STILL vote for the criminals … THINK ABOUT IT … these MORONS will lose their jobs, their homes … everything … and move out of a liberal town in a liberal state … then they will move to a conservative town and conservative state AND START VOTING FOR THE F*G MORONS THAT DESTROYED THEIR OLD HOME … you cannot fix stupid.

    • bluebonnet

      good point, and remember “county hospitals”, my taxes never went down , did yours?

    • Rachel

      b/c the deductibles are through the roof! People can’t even make use of their insurance we are paying through the nose for. But I am still against Planned Parenthood b/c they are not about healthcare..they only do abortions.

  • J.B

    Unfortunately more people are without insurance now than before Obamacare.

    • Keith

      You mean Obama lied?

      • TxGirl4Liberty

        If his lips are moving, he is lying.

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      • JOEL714

        Aw, you must be kidding? Obama lie? Never would he bend the truth except when he speaks or writes.

      • skelnav88

        Shocking, I know.

    • Nannette McGowan

      But as a 61 year old woman who had a hysterectomy 20 years ago, along with my post menopausal women friends and all males… We’re all paying higher premiums and getting coverage for prenatal care, labor and delivery, newborn care and pediatric dental and eye care… Coverage we simply could not possibly ever utilize… To make it less expensive for every younger woman to afford insurance. Are you telling me that my higher premiums and added useless coverage didn’t make the promised AFFORDABLE Care more affordable? Well, imagine that!

      Maybe if we were more like Europe, as the liberals like to constantly say, and at least only allowed abortions up to 20 weeks, Planned Parenthood could get by on donations alone and they wouldn’t have body parts big enough to sell to the highest bidder.

  • Nannette McGowan

    It sure seems like the Senate Republicans are complicit with Harry Reid in making sure Obama doesn’t have to use his veto pen. Why? Do they care about Obama’s legacy? Obama, in nearly 7 years, has only 4 vetoes. If you look at the previous Presidents’ records you’ll see how unusual that is. Even if it’s a symbolic vote, at least we would have a voting record for all these RINOs who ran pretending to be conservatives but have really been behaving as Democrats. Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe too many are looking at their reelection campaigns and worried that a TRUE conservative will replace them if we knew where they really stand.

    The House has a little more guts than the Senate. The Senate is full of sniveling cowards. Look back at Wednesday’s debate and how Lindsey Graham whined that they shouldn’t pass anything Obama would veto. I say it’s time to force Obama to use his veto and time for us to know which team these guys are actually on. Lindsey Graham has a 47% conservative rating and his BFF former presidential candidate comrade, John McCain, only has a 42% conservative rating and was censured by his state’s Republican Party for voting more often with Democrats than Republicans.

    Then they wonder why so many support Trump and outsiders?

    • Sandra Stanislav

      you should be supporting Mr. Ted Cruz he is the one who is fighting this on his own

      • Tom Armstrong

        Strongly agree Ted has to be on the ticket.

        • Dorrie

          Yup! And the FIRST name on it!

    • ronigee dawg

      EXACTLY right! During the debates we had to watch the spectacle of that idiot Goober Graham challenge Gov Jindahl “are you going to shut down the government???” Over and over and over again.

      NOT ONLY are these Re-pube-icans playing us all for idiots as they do these ‘stand alone’ votes continuously for stuff they have NO INTENTION of ever fighting for … but now that we are on to them they have gone ALL D-CRAP on their rhetoric … literally using the Demoncrapt talking points about how ANY AND EVERY TIME MAOBAMA THREATENS TO VETO A BILL, ITS THE REPUBLICANS SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.

      What is even MORE amazing is that in 2013 Ted Cruz almost single-handedly held up some legislation in an effort that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF AMERICANS supported … and then AFTER the resulting shutdown, we have the landslide victory for the GOP in 2014 … and these arse-holes in the establishment STILL stand there and claim that shutdowns are a plague for GOP?!?

      Right now the establishment is COMPLETELY out of touch with the American people … the D-crats could not care (their voters are raving idiots anyway, by THEIR claims) and the RINOs are playing the kabuki dance.

      • Dorrie

        GOD BLESS TED CRUZ!! I earnestly pray for his victory!

  • Linda Shelton

    Anyone is congress who votes against defunding planned parent hood(which isn’t) needs to face a recall election immediately.

    • Tom Armstrong

      Linda, you must have meant “defunding” not “defending”. Only demons defend that pp gang.

      • Linda Shelton

        Fixed it

  • Dorrie

    The money should be put back into MEDICARE that got gutted because of Obamacare!

  • Norma Davis

    The 20 TRILLION dollar debt will close our GOV. down soon and O will blame the Republicans , WATCH ad see

    • Dorrie

      Of course he will! But the shut down will be HIS fault for vetoing a bill that he should be signing!

      • ronigee dawg

        No it won’t … just ask the traitorous RINOs establishment … they will TAKE the blame … I mean, Obama and his band of criminals gotta be wondering how the hell they won the lottery every day for 8 years getting such mindless, spineless idiots like Boner and McCrony as their “opposition” leaders … these freaks literally sound like they are reading from a talking points book called SUICIDE FOR REPUB-ICANS that was WRITTEN for them by Maobama, Scary Hairy and Nancy Pee.

        You look at what Boner and McCrony did the last time … I think it was 2013 … and really REALLY gotta wonder how the hell the GOP are so collectively STUPID … to put these bumbling idiots in charge. After the Ted Cruz thing that most americans supported that ended up with a shutdown for what … couple of days … Boner gets up on Jay Leno and NOT ONLY takes the blame for it but then goes on and on how he tried to stop it … with leaders like that, who the hell needs enemies???

        • Dorrie

          Indeed it will … WAIT for it!!

      • Norma Davis

        CORRECT !!

  • capnkev

    Planned Parenthood is NOT part of the government. The budget bill should fund the entire government and not Planned Parenthood. Then if it is vetoed, it would be Obama that shuts down the government, not the Republicans.
    (Granted, that’s not the way the media would report it, but that’s the way the GOP should tout it.)

    • Dorrie

      That’s EXACTLY what I said! But the Republicans will be the ones who are blamed – and they know it.

  • jim scofield

    It’s about time the Republicans grew a pair and did something right
    and if the government shuts down that is a good thing too. Send all of
    the non critical employees home with out pay and no unemployment.
    Or better yet send home All of the White House Staff first.
    And Every Congressman should be telling the truth to all of the liberal
    media morons and use this statement if the media shouts war on women.
    Call them a bunch of BABY KILLING scum bags.

    • Dorrie

      I don’t think I disagree with you, but could you try that again, using punctuation so it makes sense? Thanks.

  • metheoldsarge

    I can’t believe the RINOs actually did it.

  • godspal53

    To the JERKS Who have BELITTLED Leadership over NOT GETTING Things done,,,# UP YOURS

    • Dorrie

      WHAT “leadership”????????

  • Jeff Noncent

    everyone who is invilve with this organization should have been Jail, including Hillary Clinton, and the president of the United State of America

  • gibbygoo56

    You all heard Lindsey Graham at the last debate. The GOP leadership have NO intensions of confronting/challenging Obama on anything. So we gave them the House and Senate expecting changes and they are too scared to make a difference.

  • Michelle Canoot Hird

    With Obama Care being the wonderful insurance that it is there should be no need for planned parenthood. Planned parenthood supporters who claim it gives support to the poor need to remember this wonderful Obama Care insurance that provides health care to all. No Need for it DeFund it!!!

  • Patriot47

    Fast forward 6 months – new name new address same murder gubmint subsidized.

  • Jason Smith

    In the first fake video, a lady makes vocal her desire to own a Lamborghini. Joke or not, it spoke of large amounts of money that can be made from these clumps of cells. Planned Parenthood has a year to clean up it’s act. Meanwhile, WTP ( will continue to be placated by the likes of Honey Boo-boo and the Kardashians. When the issue rears it’s head again the only thing that will be remembered is how these expose’ style videos were very heavily edited. Never mind that the original videos are available. No need to watch the videos for yourselves, your elected masters will explain all you need to know. Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. You government loves you…………