Can Hillary Overcome the ‘Liar’ Factor?

Can Hillary Overcome the ‘Liar’ Factor?

Hillary Clinton tried a new tactic this week when answering questions about her use of a private email account as secretary of state.


She took responsibility and admitted she was at fault. As she campaigned in Iowa, Clinton flatly said, “It clearly wasn’t the best choice.” On Thursday, the reason for the change in tone came into sharper focus with a stunning new poll illustrating the extent to which voters don’t trust her to tell the truth.

According to Politico, the numbers in a new Quinnipiac University poll are striking: More than three-in-five voters–or 61 percent–think Clinton isn’t honest and trustworthy. When voters were asked the first word that came to their mind about Clinton, the number one response was ‘liar’. Then came ‘dishonest”




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  • ThereAintNoJustice

    Bill Clinton could chuckle and joke his way out of practically any situation, he has charisma. Hillary has less charisma than a dead skunk in the middle of an Interstate Highway. And smells that way too when she’s replaying her excuses.

    • metheoldsarge

      She has no sense of humour. She would have been better off if she had turned down Secretary of State and stayed in the Senate. Then she wouldn’t have had all these scandals to try and lie her way out of. She also would have been in a better position to torpedo Obama’s first term and he would have been out in 2013. That would have left the door open for her to go for the 2012 nomination. Bill was trying to get her to do that. She was too stupid to listen to him.

  • Ray

    LIAR LIAR PANTSUIT ON FIRE!!! With all the problems this POS done in the State Dept. with her emails and two were top secret and many classified as of now, may find more they say. And wants to be President, what is wrong with our system? Corrup all the way to the top.
    I don’t see how she is going to get a top secret clearance to be President,need to give it up now. Espionage and obstruction of Justice.
    October Bengahazi hearing with Trey Gowdy,she has to many thing against her.

  • Steven Swanson

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • metheoldsarge

    ROFLMAO. The voters aren’t going to care if she is a liar. The election is fifteen months away. She can get on national television and announce that only the abnormally stupid will vote for her and they will cheer her for it. She knows the voters have short memories. She knows all these things being talked about today will have been forgotten about by this time next year. She knows none of this is going to matter to those who vote Democrat no matter what. She knows none of this is going to matter to the freeloaders who vote for a living. She knows none of this is going to matter to the millions who choose to stay home on election days. She knows the recent Republican Party track record, of shooting themselves in the foot, so there is a good chance they will nominate a dead beat RINO. She knows that if another dead beat RINO gets the nomination, her and Bill will move back in the White House in January 2017. Get ready for the return of the Presidents Clinton.

    • Bev Wafford Morris

      Yeah, she needs to replace some of her china pieces that have been broken.

  • Joseph

    Doesn’t matter. It’s all under BHO’s control, him and Soros. She’ll get thrown under the bus if he thinks it’s better to go with Biden.

    • metheoldsarge

      That just may happen but I don’t think Biden is electable. If he loses to a Republican, there is always martial law.

      • Michael McKeon Sr.

        I dont think Obama is finished with us, My take is no matter the outcome, he will declare Martial Law

    • worried citizen

      that’s where she belongs.


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  • Dave In Arizona

    Of course, she can. She’s been doing it for decades.

  • mbh57

    This email issue is just a very small part of the issues that Hillary is facing. What’s also interesting is that her aide, Huma Abedini is another potential bad seed. Huma, who is always seen with Hillary, is married to Anthony Weiner who has has a very long and sorted past. What’s the old adage – ‘you are the company you keep.’ Knowing just a little about the bad company Hillary keeps, knowing how free and loose she has been with confidential and top secret information for the past several years – can you really have any confidence in her on any level? Hillary, it’s past time for you to pack it up and retire.