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  • OldBut YoungMoney
  • Brenda Near Neuhauser

    the media is the ones always judging and they need to be shut down on the political train

  • Frankie Fan

    she looka like a man

  • Connie Daniels

    I am with him, if you know someone is more than likely going to shoot you why just sit there and allow it, maybe you can save others in the process, remember the people on flight 94, they did not just sit back and allow them to kill them and others, they acted and saved others. Or the 3 soldiers in France on the train, etc. In fact the guy who did manage to throw a monkey wrench in his plans charged him and was shot 5 times and survived. There is a victim mentality that just has to go in american thinking these days.

  • The Old Chip

    What happened to the left’s brilliant scheme of arming all the kids with cans of food?? They were supposed to throw the cans at a gunman; I think they called it. “Ballistic Diversion”, or some such nonsense.

    Keep a sharp watch and Prime the Guns for 2016

  • Chicago Zephyr

    Two very sharp, articulate people. Candy is refreshing, very anti-Michelle in her approach.