The Allen West Foundation invites you to join our Donors Circle Program

The Allen West Foundation Donors Circle Program The Allen West Foundation invites you to join our Donors Circle Program as an annual corporate contributor. Your contribution will help provide high-quality educational programs, events and activities, as well as provide scholarships for JROTC students throughout the United States. Teaming with our generous sponsors allows us to […]

The Allen West Foundation “Texarkana” event was OUTSTANDING!

via The Allen West Foundation We had an OUTSTANDING event, “For The Future Of America”, in Texarkana Texas on Monday evening, at the Texarkana Convention Center! Thank you to our sponsors: Skip Colvin, Steve Conner, Dr. Jeff DeHann, Fay Jay Durant, Victoria Ellerfritz, Curt Green,David Haak, Pete Kaburick, Steve Ledwell, John Norton, Dr. Reed Pierce, […]

PRESS RELEASE: Allen West Foundation successful donor campaign benefiting JROTC

The Allen West Foundation would like to express profuse gratitude to the contributors who gave generous donations during the recent fundraising campaign by the Allen West Foundation in support of the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) programs throughout the United States. SEE PRESS RELEASE HERE: The Allen West Foundation was established to encourage […]

Allen West Foundation | Join us for an Afternoon with Allen West

Please join us  for an  Afternoon With Allen West  Sponsored by: The Law Office of Ben Protano  And  Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant *Registration and Reservations are REQUIRED for this event and all reservations will be accepted on a first come first served only basis until we reach our maximum. Valid registration for this event can ONLY be made […]

Allen West Foundation: TONIGHT “A Holiday Evening with Allen West”

***MEDIA ADVISORY***  ALLEN WEST FOUNDATION HOLIDAY EVENING WITH ALLEN WEST TONIGHT   Allen West to attend Holiday Evening   Fundraiser for the Allen West Foundation.  Boca Raton, FL – The Allen West Foundation is hosting a fundraising event, sponsored by Roxanna Trinka, President and CEO of Baseline Engineering & Land Surveying Inc. in Boca Raton Florida. […]

Allen West and the Allen West Foundation Toys for Tots Event | Help Give to our Families in need.

Please join   Allen West   for the   Annual Allen West Foundation Toys For Tots Drive Join with Allen West and the Allen West Foundation As we give toys to children in need this Holiday!    Celebrate with us at our    Grand Opening Party!   Monday, December 9th:  1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.   At the Allen West Foundation office: The Allen West Foundation 6400 Congress Avenue, Suite 2050 […]

@AllenWest Foundation wants you to learn how you can help inspire the next generation of conservative leaders.

The Allen West Foundation is a non-profit corporation that was established in December, 2012 to educate, engage and inspire the next generation of conservative leaders…Specifically, the Foundation encourages and supports minorities, women, and military veterans that desire to serve their country. Please Like The Allen West Foundation on Facebook & share with others as well. […]

Allen West Foundation: We face a great catastrophe if we don’t do something now to bring in more conservative veterans to lead this country!

Dear Patriot, There’s no doubt about it – we have an extreme shortage of veterans who are conservative in our government. It’s no coincidence that the suffocating liberal policies of years past have come from those who haven’t served in Iraq or Afghanistan . . .Barack Obama doesn’t know what it’s like to put his life […]

The American Spectator: Allen West: In Search of Giants

By JACKSON ADAMS Former Rep. Allen West has no plans to run for reelection — but he wants to help conservative minorities and military veterans win seats in Congress. “I asked myself, ‘How can I help the next generation of minority conservatives?’” West told TASin an interview. “I could go back and try to get back into Congress. […]

Allen West “A government truly “of the people” must be fully representative of those it governs” Launching the Allen West Foundation

Organization seeks to educate and train aspiring minority and veteran conservative leaders.   Boca Raton, FL – Former United States Congressman and retired Lt. Colonel Allen West today announced the launch of The Allen West Foundation, a Section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with the mission of educating and inspiring the next generation of conservative leaders within the […]

The Allen West Foundation has been established as a non-profit, charitable organization

ALLEN WEST FOUNDATION ESTABLISHED   Boca Raton, FL – In full accordance with federal regulations, The Allen West Foundation has been established as a non-profit, charitable organization. Further details as to the mission and activities of the Foundation will be released in the coming weeks. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 24, 2013 Contact:  Michele Hickford