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America has lost her way. The “quick fix”, gotta have it now, instant gratification nation is floundering. Why and how you ask? Here is just one reason of many. We have forgotten that while pointing our fingers left and right, we are no longer taking the time to research and get to the bottom of […]

Allen West: The Left’s unapologetic war on (Conservative) women

by Allen West for Communities Digital News This past week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was pilloried by the Left, falsely of course, for comments he made at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington DC. The comments made by Governor Huckabee were consistent with comments he made during a monologue on his Saturday […]

Allen West weighs in on the racist comments by NAACP official against Tim Scott

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (Ret.) weighs in on the racist comments made by an NAACP official against Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who is the only black Republican in the Senate, and New York Governor Cuomo (D) bashing extreme conservatives.  CLICK HERE FOR THE AUDIO FROM THE SHOW:  KILMEADE KONDENSED Fox News Contributor Deroy Murdock talked about President Obama’s comments on race, […]

Allen West “Never forget Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform” America”

by Allen West In what will certainly exacerbate the rift within the Republican party between the establishment and the constitutional conservative Tea Party base, Newsmax reports that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend $50 million to support establishment and business-friendly Republican candidates in next year’s congressional elections. “Our No. 1 focus is to make […]

Allen West “Who is the Guardian of Tolerance?”

  by Allen West This morning as I did my regular run and workout I was thinking about the real issue surrounding Phil Robertson. Too many are focused on the words spoken, but there are some deeper issues to ponder. For me, the prevailing issue is centered around one word: “rights.” Phil Robertson is a born-again […]

“Black Killings by Democrats, Then and Now” via @Theblacksphere

The Black Sphere: Black Killings by Democrats, Then and Now. They say that the Republican Party is made up of the racist Southern Democrats, known as Dixiecrats who hated black people, and who were responsible for the 3,446 deaths by the Klan in 86 years. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO (SCROLL DOWN AFTER CLICKING THE LINK)

Allen West “Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP?”

Written by Allen West on November 5, 2013 Well, the results are in and so it’s time for a little assessment. Let’s start with New York. Good luck, you just voted in a Marxist/socialist, and you thought David Dinkins was bad? I know there are some very eclectic folks in New York City but what were the […]

Allen West “Will you accept this, or will we challenge the acolytes of progressive socialism?”

Written by Allen West on November 5, 2013 Using the words “patient protection” and “affordable” to describe Obamacare is completely oxymoronic – with the emphasis on moronic. First of all, Obamacare does not protect any patients. Americans are losing their coverage and their doctors who are fleeing from this government-driven healthcare program. Secondly, according to a state-by-state […]

Allen West ‘WATCH this Amazing Comparison of Kennedy, Reagan & Obama”

by Allen West via If this Republic can once again remember what American leadership looks like, our greatest days are indeed ahead. Let us never again become enraptured by a cult of personality promoting empty rhetoric that is anathema to our fundamental principles and beliefs. As de Tocqueville stated, “America is great because America […]

Allen West “HUGE Loss For Team America”

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – Allen West: Out of the Foxhole by Allen B. West for The Washington Times PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, October 21, 2013 – The stench and abysmal theater emanating from Washington D.C. reminds me of the infamous “Toilet Bowl” college football game between Oregon and Oregon State in 1983. As I’m a born, raised and schooled […]

Allen West: For Immediate Release Oct. 21, 2013

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Former Congressman and Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Launches Personal Website. expands reach of principled, conservative leader. PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, OCTOBER 21, 2014 – Building on the phenomenal growth of his social media presence, Colonel Allen B. West has launched his own personal website. will help expand the reach of […]

Republican Party of Palm Beach County – Prayer Breakfast. Photos: Allen West

Catholic Caucus of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County – Prayer Breakfast. Marisol’s Photography SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE: Topics discussed: Respect of Life, Education, Religious Freedom, The HHS Mandate, The Persecuted Church and Foreign Relations. Speakers: Dr. Angela West, State Rep. Pat Rooney, Dennis O’Donovan, Dion DiMucci, and Rev. Raymond Hubert. The event was held […]

Allen West “I intend to answer the call to arms for my republic.”

by ALLEN B. WEST via PJ Media   In February, we launched the Next Generation TV project as part of PJ Media and PJTV in order to highlight the pressing issues facing future generations of Americans. We sought to make the connection between the generations of parents and grandparents and their children and grandchildren, an endeavor to […]