Allen West “A Republic? How’s that working out so far?”

by Allen West Today is September 17, 2014. Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago on this date, in 1787, the greatest governing document the world has ever known came into existence as it was signed in convention in Philadelphia — our United States Constitution. On that day as our American history teaches, us there was […]

LIVE STREAM: Allen West #WCS14 Western Conservative Summit 2014

Program details here. SPECIAL THANKS TO: BARRACUDA BRIGADE (H/T) ALLEN WEST WILL BE SPEAKING SUNDAY MORNING 7/20/14  Western Conservative Summit 2014 9:30 am – 12pm ET  Convening of Summit Capstone Session Hyatt Regency Daniel Hannan – “The Anglosphere Century” Nick Adams, Charlie Kirk, Warren Smith, Ashley Pratte“Which Way Millennials: Left or Right?” Rich Bratten – […]

(AUDIO) Allen West (in for Hannity) talks live with Chris McDaniel

Published on Jul 3, 2014 by iizthatiiz July 3rd, 2014 • Senator Chris McDaniel discussed the widespread accusations of election fraud in last week’s run-off primary against Senator Thad Cochran. McDaniel spoke with former Congressman Allen West as to the multiple allegations regarding illegal voting, vote buying, and corruption that occurred in the Mississippi election.

Allen West “This We will Defend.” PERIOD!

Written by Allen West on June 14, 2014 Today, Saturday 14 June, 2014 is one of those special days for American patriots and Soldiers. It is a day intertwined in the uniqueness representative of the greatness and exceptionalism of America. Today is Flag Day — and also the 239th birthday of our United States Army. The Army […]

Conservative Counter-productivity.

Are your fiscal conservative views the same as someone who is a religious conservative? The priorities are different for all types of conservatives. The banner the Conservative tags falls under is not so much a philosophy as an attitude. There is no single set of policies that are universally regarded as conservative. The meaning of conservatism depends […]

Allen West joins GA’s Morning News: UNITING THE GOP

Col. Allen West is coming to Georgia for the Floyd County Reagan Dinner on Thursday, but we caught up with him today on Georgia’s Morning News with Zoller and Bryant.  How to unite the GOP after the primaries. LISTEN CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN TO ALLEN WEST INTERVIEW

Allen West: AGAIN I say, you can’t fix stupid.

Written by Allen West It never ceases to amaze me how the Republican Party continues to do things that seem just plain dumb. Take for example this new TV ad called “New Republican.” As BizPac Review reports, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have kicked off a campaign for with a TV […]

“What does a Republican look like?”

Dan Bongino I posted this picture of my daughter Amelia and me on my Instagram account yesterday and promptly received a few emails which said “You don’t look like a Republican.” I responded, “Well, what does a Republican look like?” Although I cannot fully explain why some Republicans forfeit their principles for power and tarnish the […]

Allen West “NOW WHAT?”

Written by Allen West One of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s statements at CPAC 2014 has my complete agreement: “you have to convey the message of what you are for, not just what you are against.” One of the lessons I learned early on in my military career that I have carried since is “anyone can […]

Allen West: The only way conservatives will win again.

Written by Allen West I’m often asked how the GOP and conservatives can win more of the black vote. I respond by stating that it can no longer be about the empty rhetoric of “outreach” or “big tent.” It must be about policy inclusiveness and making the continual connection. Right now, there’s a great opportunity for […]

Personal thoughts on CPAC by Allen West

Written by Allen West Today I’m traveling back to Washington DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I remember my first introduction to CPAC was during my advisory assignment in Afghanistan in 2007. I had heard of the event previously, but after the November 2006 midterm debacle and the ascendancy of the liberal progressives’ I […]

Allen West “WATCH THIS from the Persecuted movie”

via Allen West on Facebook “Our partners at Liberty Alliance are presenting this controversial film at CPAC – it depicts a Christian leader standing up for First Amendment rights, and I guess it’s a sign of our times that in Hollywood such an action would be “controversial.” If you can’t see it at CPAC, it […]

Allen West Describes The New Republican Party (VIDEO) Lincoln Dinner

video by Thesharktank1 Published on Feb 21, 2014 We believe in the individual. We believe in the indomitable American spirit. We believe in individualism and entrepreneurship that can cause us to be here together in this great hall, that can allow a young man from the inner city from Georgia to stand before you […]

Allen West “A Constitutional Crisis”

by Allen West Friends, As I look back on this past week, I have to summarize it in one word: crisis. Domestically we face a constitutional crisis with a president who doesn’t believe he must adhere to our fundamental system of governance. If you have some time, take a read through or refresh yourself on […]

KILMEADE AUDIO: ALLEN WEST on Sen Tim Scott, Boehner & Afghanistan!

Lt. Colonel (Ret.) and former Florida Congressman (R) ALLEN WEST responded to Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) saying he was being attacked by the black community for being a black conservative.  He also weighed in on Afghanistan releasing dangerous prisoners and how it seems that Speaker Boehner is losing his influence over House GOP members. CLICK HERE TO […]

Allen West “This will send chills down your spine”

Written by Allen West In the evening after the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky, competitors returned to their Hyatt hotel to rest up. What ensued is something that will just send chills down your spine and make pride swell in your heart. These talented singers gathered on the balconies of 18 floors and chose […]

Allen West “Message To those who wish to destroy me”

Written by Allen West It’s the morning of my 53rd birthday and I awoke with some thoughts that I felt needed to be shared. Last night, I appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. The topic was the recent verbal attack on Senator Tim Scott and the GOP by North Carolina NAACP Executive Director, Reverend William […]

An Ignorant Nation | Communities Digital News

America has lost her way. The “quick fix”, gotta have it now, instant gratification nation is floundering. Why and how you ask? Here is just one reason of many. We have forgotten that while pointing our fingers left and right, we are no longer taking the time to research and get to the bottom of […]

Allen West: The Left’s unapologetic war on (Conservative) women

by Allen West for Communities Digital News This past week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was pilloried by the Left, falsely of course, for comments he made at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington DC. The comments made by Governor Huckabee were consistent with comments he made during a monologue on his Saturday […]