Conservatives Issue WARNING to Senate Majority on SCOTUS Pick

The conservative base of the GOP is sending a message to the leadership. How well it will be received and what actions will or will not be taken, remain to be seen. This is probably one of the most constitutionally important picks that has faced our nation in a long time. Read the considerations in this article.   […]

Democrats to Hold Nation HOSTAGE to Get Liberal Justice

Who is the real Party of No? It is actually the Democrat party. They have no qualms about putting the nation at risk to get their liberal Supreme Court Justice nominated. This would bring a major shift in the SCOTUS and lead to a totally unconstitutional minded series of findings. Our freedoms  will vanish under […]

Supreme Court NIGHTMARE Scenario!

The author of this article paints a series of what-ifs on the process of nominating a Supreme Court Justice. It could go as long as 2021 before a nominee could or would be confirmed under the following conditions. It is an indictment of the Senate and its inability to function in the manner the founding fathers intended. Read the three specific […]

The “What Ifs” American Voters Need To Ponder

Judge Andrew Napolitano has come up with a disturbing list of what-if questions concerning our government and our presidential candidates. This article will cause you to pause and reflect on the answers and the outcomes they represent, This will make your head or your heart heart for our nation. The good news is that there is still time to […]

Questions and Answers that should be asked and answered after Justice Scalia’s death

Herein are a bunch of what should be frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the immediate results of Justice Scalia’s death. He has voted on pending SCOTUS cases and has written opinions. What happens to these cases? It is not so good for the conservative crowd. We can now expect to see some tied Court decisions. What does that […]

Why ‘NO’ Is The Only Answer!

The GOP has been unfairly labeled the Party of No by their Democrat opponents and this cry is ever joyfully repeated by the drive-by media at every opportunity. This label was started back when the Democrats controlled the White House, Senate, and House. No Republican idea was ever allowed on to the floors of Congress. As the Republican ideas were suppressed all they […]

You think the campaign has been ugly so far? It’s about to get a lot worse

The following is a “worst case scenario” thought process. It should be read and taken into consideration as Judicial and Presidential politics collide in America. Remember, this is purely speculation but should be considered when thinking about the current president, the democrats and losing Conservative Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. As Written by JOSEPH MARGULIES, Verdict […]

Cruz “Absolutely Will Filibuster ANY Nominee Made by President Obama” [VIDEO]

Sen. Ted Cruz said on “This Week” that he plans to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee made by President Obama to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia. “This should be a decision for the people,” Cruz said. “Let the election decide. If the Democrats want to replace this nominee, they need to win the election. But […]

Justice Scalia: Remembering His Life and Legacy [VIDEO]

Justice Scalia was a power house of a Supreme Court Justice. Nominated by President Ronald Reagan and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. There are not enough words to express the huge loss felt across the nation from all walks of life. Here is what he is best remembered and loved for as told […]

Obama and 2016 Dems: DEAD SILENT

At no time in our history have such events occurred and been greeted with such silence from the White House and Democrats. Our Force in Blue has always been held in honor and respect through out the nations history. Aided and abetted by the drive by media and the progressive agenda, liberal politicians seek gain on the bodies of our […]

Why Christian Southerners Are Feeling Besieged

With the secular media, Hollywood, political correctness, and progressive agendas constantly attacking their basic beliefs, Southern Christians are feeling their own burn. With no where to turn and feel confident in the protection of standards and beliefs, the search is own for a stand up politician who can and will deliver on his promises. This would be the […]

Texas Gov. Abbott calls for Constitutional Convention to take back states’ rights!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Constitutional Convention to take back states’ rights As Written By Brandi Grissom for TrailBlazers: Gov. Greg Abbott, aiming to spark a national conversation about states’ rights, said Friday that he wants Texas to lead the call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution and wrest power from a federal government “run […]

Republican Elite Fight To Stop Trump and Cruz

Iowa emerges as a free-for-all among GOP’s establishment candidates. As Written By Philip Rucker and Robert Costa for The Washington Post: Chris Christie is the consummate New Hampshire candidate, all the way down to his silver lapel pin in the outline of the Granite State. Yet this week the New Jersey governor was in a relative wilderness, […]

The circular firing squad takes its toll on Republicans 

Wow, did you hear what Donald Trump said about Hillary Clinton? No? How about what Marco Rubio said about President Obama? No again? OK, they were trick questions.   As Written By Michael Goodwin for New York Post: There was nothing to hear because because Trump and Rubio don’t talk much about Clinton and Obama. But […]


As with all Allen West videos, there is always something great to pull from each one. The following videos, broke the mold. NCPA, CEO Allen West, Former Florida Congressman and Retired LTC of the United States Army, these are the cream of the crop! #GoWest Top Allen West videos since 2009 (for now) Rep. Allen […]

Ted Nugent and Col Allen West talk outdoor life and a city coping with tragedy

Ted Nugent, the notorious rocker and the political powerhouse Col. Allen West stood shoulder-to-shoulder to talk outdoor life and what it means to live in Sportsman’s Paradise.   Ted Nugent, former U.S. Rep. Allen West pay respects to Lafayette shooting victims while they were in town.     Posted by Ted Nugent on Friday, July 24, […]

How Republicans Can Beat Hillary Instead of Beating Themselves

This is great advise. It reminds me of how Ronald Reagan campaigned and carried himself.  If you can get me a candidate doing these things, I would personally carry his/her campaign sign on the square. How Republicans Can Beat Hillary Instead of Beating Themselves: Patriot Update by David L. Goetsch Republican presidential candidates have an […]

UH-OH! Could A States’ Rights Battle Be Emerging?

This is a call for State governments to assert themselves. States Rights was/is a big issue in the South and the Southern Cross battle flag kind of stood for that. Michael Patrick Leahy for Breitbart Writes: A new Rasmussen Poll indicates that a growing number of Americans want state governments to tell the Supreme Court […]

20 Things We Should Not Have To Contend With On The Fourth Of July

Here is a list I compiled off the top of my head. What would you add? Political Correctness that stifles all debate. An amoral society that can justify any behavior. Godless Society Progressives – Changed the name but still Socialist Career Politicians Compromise – we didn’t elect you to compromise Lies to get elected then […]

Top 5 Things Liberals Never Remember ON Independence Day

Here is a list of the Top 5 Things Liberals Never Remember ON Independence Day 1. It’s about taxation without representation: Taxation is now in fact the redistribution of wealth in the name of fairness. What charities once gave, “entitlements” now take. 2. It was about Religious Freedom: What the ACLU was once FOR, they are now […]

Here’s how George W. Bush handled the big question that’s dogging Jeb!

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) could learn a lessen from his older brother on how to field questions about the Bush family political dynasty. BUSINESS INSIDER REPORTS: As Bush considers a 2016 presidential bid, he has tried to insist “I am my own man,” in order to differentiate himself from his older brother, former President […]

The Iraq Question Conservative Candidates Need to Get RIGHT!

by Andrew C. McCarthy, for National Review: I spent about 20 years getting people ready to answer questions from tough and even hostile inquisitors. It is what trial lawyers do. I can thus attest that over-preparing a witness can be worse than failing to prepare the witness at all. Ironically, this is especially so with a […]


JOHN STOSSEL WRITES THE FOLLOWING: LISTEN UP! Charles Murray, already controversial for writing books on how welfare hurts the poor, on ethnic differences in IQ and on (less controversial, but my favorite) happiness and good government, has written a new book that argues that it’s time for civil disobedience. Government has become so oppressive, constantly […]

Sen.Ted Cruz is a serious candidate. Cruz’s critics just don’t get it.

by Eric Golub for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz officially kicked off the 2016 election cycle Monday by being the first candidate of either party to formally declare for the presidency. As expected, the Republican senator’s fiercest critics did everything they could to embarrass themselves and make him look great by comparison. Optics matter, and […]

VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz’s biggest critics are Republicans

STARNES: Establishment Republicans will attempt to destroy any Conservative running for the White House. I believe the Establishment hates conservatives more than Democrats. Up first is Ted Cruz. Please watch and share! Post by Todd Starnes. VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz’s biggest critics are Republicans

WATCH: Allen West Goes NUCLEAR On Obama on “Louder with Crowder”

Steven Crowder interviews the Professional “bad ass,” the “Chuck Norris of Politics” ~ LTC (ret) Allen West, now President and CEO of NCPA. ~ Allen West ALSO made sure to answer the question that he continues to get pounded on, The Patriot Act. LISTEN as he tells you he did NOT vote yes for the […]