Allen West “Obama just made 19,723 BIG MISTAKES!”

Folks, we have a problem. The progressive socialist left embraces criminals, be they Americans or illegals. What’s their end game? Do they want to destabilize our Republic and create mass chaos and lawlessness? ~ Allen West As Written By Allen B. West: Liberal progressive leftists don’t embrace the rule of law, not for themselves, nor […]

Allen West “Here’s The Latest Episode of Stuck on Stupid”

Okay, please refrain from using all expletives coming to mind right now. Does anyone else see the abject incompetence being displayed here — scarily so?  ~ Allen West  As Written By Allen B. West: And here is the latest episode of “Stuck on Stupid.” I truly love it when folks pipe up after a horrific […]

ICE Released 5,300 Criminals in THIS State?!

Over the period of 2011-2014 ICE has released 5,300 criminals back into the State of Georgia. The crimes vary from DUIs to assault and rape. The crimes committed  were NOT reviewed by Immigration officials for their seriousness. It seemed to have devolved into whether or not there was a prison bed somewhere for them at […]

Allen West “This is how it begins, the slow creep of incrementalism”

NUT, the National Union of Teachers in Great Britain have just voted away their culture. It is political correctness run amok. In a pathetic attempt at internationalism, they have voted to disavow their entire history and culture as a nation. The reason for this lunacy is to accommodate immigrants. I thought immigrants were supposed to assimilate. What has happened to Britain and can it happen […]