Allen West “We must not be afraid to call out radical Islamism”

Col. Allen B. West worries about revelations of President Obama’s drone kill list, and reports that he has unilaterally executed American citizens overseas. Does Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” provide answers to America’s fight against terror? Find out as Col. West warns of the dangers of drone warfare and kill lists. CLICK HERE TO […]

Allen West “Will America continue to lead, or will declining math and science skills take it’s toll on our future prosperity? “

Col. Allen B. West and Michelle Fields are joined by President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Organization, Marion C. Blakey, to discuss the opportunities for the next generation of Americans in the fields pushing technological advancement. Will America continue to lead, or will declining math and science skills take it’s toll on our future prosperity? CLICK […]

Allen West – Weekly Newsletter 2-1-13 – Next Generation TV

Weekly Newsletter by Allen West for Next Generation TV We are just a few days from launching new content. Michelle, John and I have enjoyed developing the preview videos to give you a flavor of the content you will be receiving, and we’re excited about its debut. We hope you will spread the word about […]

Weekly Update from Allen West – Next Generation TV

Introducing The Next Gen Data Card Use it to fight for the future with facts Each week as part of our Next Generation Initiative, I will assess the current issues to inspire your thought and engagement, and to call you to action for our future generations. This week, the big news is new beginnings in […]

AlFonzo Rachel “Democrats Have No Right to Claim Lincoln’s Legacy” Watch for Allen West at the end.

[youtube=] by Pajamasmedia Published on Jan 16, 2013 The Democratic Party opposed President Lincoln and just about every other civil rights advance in the United States. So what gives the Democrats and Hollywood liberals the right to claim Abraham Lincoln as their president? Hear what AlfonZo Rachel thinks.    

Video – Allen West “Why We Need To Stand Up for Our Future”

[youtube=] by Pajamasmedia Published on Jan 16, 2013 Join us in standing up for our future at: Allen West, Director of Next Generation Programming, discusses his plans to start a national conversation about preserving the American dream so his daughters, and all young americans, have the same opportunities in life he has.