University Moves to Muzzle ‘Jesus Talk’

North Carolina State University is leading the fight against Jesus. They are attacking Christian student’s  religious freedoms and the freedom of speech. In a set of draconian rules, they have effectively banned students from saying anything about Jesus in any social environment. This is all done in the name of  “inclusiveness.”  Grace Christian Life has filed suit against the […]

Michelle Obama Directly Targets Mississippi Religious Freedom Bill

Choosing to ignore the actual meaning of the Mississippi Religious Freedom Act, Michelle Obama embraces the liberal progressive agenda. At the Jackson State Mississippi commencement address, the First Lady condemned the state of Mississippi for attacking the LGBT agenda, There was no mention by her of the impact on Christians’ ability to adhere to the […]

Did the Governor of Georgia “Sell Out” Religious Freedom?

The religious freedom bill has been crucified in the State of Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed the religious freedom bill that the legislature sent to him. The drive by media teamed up with all the radical groups and with companies like Disney, the NFL, and Hollywood to shove their progressive agenda down the throats […]

Governor Cuomo’s Potty Ban

Governor Cuomo reached new heights of hypocrisy with his latest executive order.  The governor was reacting to North Carolina overriding a Charlotte ordinance allow transgenders access to any bathroom without limitation. In a symbolic gesture that has virtually no impact upon New York employees, Cuomo has grandstanded for the LGBT community. Then contrast that with his alliance with Cuba which recognizes NO […]

Allen West “What the left did now against Trump just CROSSED THE LINE”

I can tell you Saul Alinsky is from Chicago, along with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Rev. Jeremiah Wright…I think you get my point. As Written By Allen B. West: I’m sitting in the gorgeous Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, just north of Detroit. I […]

The Delusional Self-Importance of the Liberal Media 

I have long marveled at liberals’ air of superiority and lack of self-reflection, which have always been particularly evident among liberal media elites and journalists. ~ David Limbaugh As Written By David Limbaugh for Townhall: They tend to view themselves as sacrosanct and above scrutiny.Perhaps this attitude sprang from the British and, later, American tradition […]

In the dark, Evil has its seat [Video]

A Ten Commandments structure was removed overnight from Oklahoma’s state Supreme Court grounds after it was ruled unconstitutional.   A two-ton granite monument commemorating the Ten Commandments that has sparked controversy since its installation on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was stealthily removed under cover of darkness on Monday to be transported to a private conservative […]

Heated Protests After Gay Couple Gets License [Video]

Heated Protests After Gay Couple Gets License Dozen of protesters have gathered outside a Kentucky clerk’s office where a gay couple has been issued a marriage license after a lengthy fight with a clerk who had long refused to grant the licenses. One group cheered on the gay couple who got the license, while the […]

Will this be the next target when the next liberal shoe drops?

Judging by these statements, it seems eminent. NATIONAL REVIEW REPORTS: Over at the Weekly Standard, John McCormack reports on his inquiries to a number of Senate Democrats on their willingness to end tax exemptions for religious entities that refuse to recognize same-sex marriage. The responses are interesting. While none of the Democrats expressed a desire […]
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