Chelsea Clinton Addresses Tiny Crowd To Say These Disgusting Things About Republicans [VIDEO]

In front of tiny crowd, Chelsea condemns ‘Racist, Homophobic, Sexist’ Republicans. You remember the whole “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? Well, here is the best example of the Clinton family resembling that old quote. Did you ever notice the ones normally crying foul are the ones guilty of what they accuse others of? What do you think, does she make her point’s?

As Written By Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard

Only 75 people came out to hear Chelsea Clinton condemn the Republicans for being racist, homophobic, and sexist. Clinton called this election the most important one of her lifetime.




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  • KC

    FKHER !

  • frankenbiker

    Chelsea’s a fcking political whore like her mother(?). Lets face it we don’t know who Her mom really is, or maybe she doesn’t know who her dad is
    She’s going to be indicted like Bill and Hildebitch for money laundering through their foundation, since they’re all on the board of directors, they can be prosecuted under RICO. At least if we had a justice department that was actually concerned about justice.

  • purplewings

    Her husband’s father was also a politician, who only recently was released from prison for corruption. It’s a family thing.

  • Right-Hip-Ruger

    The entire family needs to be brought down. These are the most grotesque people in America.

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    Wonder if Mr. Chelsea is getting some pointers from his father-in-law? If she’s like her maternal parent, he’s going to go the same direction as Willy before long.

    • Science Major

      you mean he’ll have sex with his daughter when she’s a teenager. oops I wasn’t supposed to say that .

  • Moss500

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    • Snark Master

      Thanks Moss500. This will be my new mission.

      • Robologix

        Thanks Moss500, done.

  • Dave In Arizona

    I guess if you’re a ‘racist, homophobic, sexist’ Democrat it’s okay.

  • Lillian DeLuise Kunz

    Disgusting what she says and her mother is the worst!

  • Leon Carroll

    and this is her father in law Edward Mezvinsky Birds of a feather flock together


    Ahhh the child of the slithering two, she has finally abandoned all pretense to moral or character and is now a full time part of the Clinton Crime Foundation…I wonder if she too will be willing to go to jail for her trespasses?