Chelsea Officially Becomes a Clinton: Turns on Obamacare

Chelsea Clinton takes a shot at Obamacare, the UnAfordable Care Act. It was a shocking statement and carried with it what appears to be multiple ramifications. The first thing to mind is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign just threw Barack Obama under the bus. The next thing tossed under the bus was Obamacare. Admitting, acknowledging, and verbalizing that Obamacare does, in fact, costs too much. Without revising Obamacare, she intends to find new ways for the victims users to be able to pay for it. The last thing is how Hillary intends to accomplish all this. “Executive Order” is the path she will take. I would imagine that President Barack Obama will give her his pen and phone at her anointing ceremony. She for yourself in the VIDEO.

By SHOSHANA WEISSMANN at The Weekly Standard

Chelsea Hits Obamacare’s ‘Crushing Costs’

Says mother may fix with executive order.

A video shows Chelsea Clinton blasting the “crushing costs” of President Barack Obama’s signature legislation. In the video, Chelsea Clinton tells a crowd that her mother, Hillary Clinton, is open to using executive action to reduce “crushing costs” of Obamacare.


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