China Blocks U.S. Navy Flotilla

When Hong Kong was a British colony, visits by the United States Navy were a foregone conclusion. Now that the Peoples Republic of China has assumed governance, not so much.

The latest Navy visit request has been refused by China. The USS Stennis Carrier Battle Group has been denied a port visit there. It is the latest unsubtle sign from the Chinese that they are not happy with us about the South China Sea disputes. 


China Blocks U.S. Navy Flotilla’s Visit to Hong Kong



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  • Dave In Arizona

    China certainly isn’t worried. At least while the wuss is still in the White House.

  • Beckah

    Yet another “victory” in the regime of King Hussein! He will go down in history as a “legend” in foreign affairs and diplomacy!

  • Dave In Arizona

    So, Loretta, or is it Melinda, since you’re Mary’s pimp, do you offer any senior or AAA or AARP discounts? Is she really worth $98/hour?

  • Moss500

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