China WARNS Soros!

Days after billionaire George Soros forecast a hard landing of the Chinese economy, Beijing retaliates by warning the high-profile investor from betting against its currency.


Written By Sue Chang for Market Watch:

Not long after billionaire George Soros forecast a so-called hard landing for the Chinese economy, Beijing fired back by calling out the high-profile investor, warning him of betting against its currency, according to media reports Tuesday.

“Soros’ challenge against the renminbi and Hong Kong dollar is unlikely to succeed, there is no doubt about that,” said a government official in an opinion piece widely cited by several media outlets.

The article headlined, ”Declaring war on China’s currency? Ha ha,” was published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party which is widely viewed as Beijing’s propaganda tool.




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  • Marcus Talley

    We need to make sure that China catches up to him somewhere.

    • Buzz

      Aren’t their mercenaries that would locate him for them?

      • Pam

        Can we make a list?

        • Buzz

          List of what Pam? I do not think I understand your question to me…we need the Mafia back…things would be cleaned up rather quickly I would say for it would start in NY and IL. I am not sure I am on the right track but a friend told me of a 70s movie, based on truth, of mercenaries in Africa fighting for some cause. A person, smarter than I, and I do not think he would mind, is [email protected], tell him Buzz gave you his email…arrogant yes, but smart and deep thinking yes, he has taught me a lot and continues to do so.

          • Pam

            Sorry, I can think of a lot of people to send mercenaries after along with Soros.

          • Buzz

            Brain fog Pam! 🙁 Me too and they number about 700 and counting! I am trying to make a web page to launch a new site that I feel may bring many of the groups together; from there, I am hopeful we will be in a position to help make things better through a slow, but positive way of doing things rather than just laying back and waiting to be killed or put in a FEMA camp. First thing, for anyone that is interested…we have to start thinking, “we are as free as what we think we are.” Sounds easy, it is not. Second thing is we employ, in our daily lives, “we shall use common sense in our speech to others and in our writing.” Easier said than done but the rewards will begin to show up in our youth whom many only know political corruption…my version of politically correct.

          • Pam

            I have heard more than one person state that freedom is a state of mind. In today’s America people live in invisible bondage and don’t realize how enslaved they are. We need to start at home teaching our children basic American principles. Discipline in both mind and body. If not disciplined in all things , then you will be controlled by others. Political Correctness is just another name for Marxism.

          • Buzz

            That is why I write Political Corruption! You are right on each and every word you wrote. It is even more important than ever to get our youth out of government schools as they are mostly Marxist. Common Core is closely related to Marxism and most do not know is also related to pornography that has been legalized. Our youth no longer get Early American Government nor History; this is a clear way to insure that our youth do not understand how America became America, how rich, respected and strong we became as a Christian nation…they cannot see how far we have fallen and that while there are thousands of Christians here, our nation is now a Sodom and Gomorrah. Now, another step toward losing our history with one two sentences spoken by a Negro in the US Senate and Haley rids the South of the flag, other states follow and now the statues and all else are to be buried at sea! She should be charged with a felony against the people. What the Senator claimed is no doubt right, but, the Union did the same thing, of that I am sure for my g.grandfather was right under Sherman; took part in the Trail of Tears killing and would go on, marry my g. grandmother and have her killed in Canada after bearing him several children.

          • hankthetank

            YOU, have the Mafia, in the WH !!!

          • Buzz

            True, maybe; perhaps Arnie says it better than surely I did: they are not Americans, they are all imposters!

    • ONTIME

      I can buy the ammo………….

  • Buzz

    Maybe, they would do this for America because we owe them so much money, but then, they would probably want paid to “rid” the planet of this SOB. Often wonder when and if Russia, Putin, are going to get sick and tired of Soros and his puppet and make a move to separate them.

  • randi

    I hope China will do something.

    • Pam

      China needs to mind China. We the people need to retake our country if there is still time

      • Buzz

        Pam, we have an awful lot against us; the biggest and most troublesome is that the apathy is so great, no one wants to do anything; I have written many groups and asked them to join with others, not one reply and not one comment..we need numbers. I blame the churches for some of it..Jesus did not stand down when wrong was wrong; the Bible tells us over and over that we are to stand up, be firm and do what we need to do as Christians to protect what we have been given. This turn the other cheeks quit working when the piece of trash in DC took office with other pieces of trash standing right behind him..they are monsters and surely no Americans,,imposters.

        • Pam

          Americans have been living in a secure corner of the world for so many years, it is very difficult to wrap their minds around what has happened. We have had leaders that were greedy, self serving, inept, and the list goes on. Growing up I was never big into the political scene. We have always had an American in charge. They may have made bad decisions but destroying this country was not their agenda. I know we cannot stay isolated from the rest of the world, but the last few Presidents( excluding Obummer) have let themselves be influenced into these world deals that put what was best for America on the back burner. In building empires we slid backwards. I am a Christian , but charity begins at home. In giving to others you don’t kill the host. What good are we as a nation if we are so weakened we become just another victim? The lesson of turn the other cheek ,was a lesson on revenge. Vengeance is mine sayest the Lord. Fighting for freedom and human rights is throughout scripture. I too blame the misinterpretation of scripture for this love will conquer all attitude. But also in our arrogance we fell into a trap of pride ,thinking we knew what was best for everyone in curing the world’s problems when we should have been minding our own store. Now the unthinkable has happened, King Hussein. Had someone tried to tell me 20 years ago we would be here I would have laughed. In 7.5 years this spawn of hell has done more to bring about the down fall of this nation than any politician in our history. I have always been on the side of the law, even through Ruby Ridge and Waco. But not only are we at the mercy of a despot ruler, we have been invaded by cultures that have no desire to become American, and the blind sheep are agreeing with the idea of diversity and giving them a voice. It is my prayer that all the military personnel that King Hussein has gotten rid of, veterans, retired LEO and currently serving of both. will take a stand against these foreign and domestic enemies when the time comes. I am retired from LEO but I will die for my country and the future of my children and grandchildren. I am not advocating treason or assassination, it will be a war I am afraid. The time for protesting and signing petition are long passed. We now are pausing and waiting breathlessly for the next move in our history. Give me freedom or give me death. God Bless America, and have mercy on our souls.

  • Patriot47

    Would China actually do us that big a favor?

  • Jane18

    An evil, evil man!

    • Buzz

      His son is slated to take over for him; I have heard he is even can that possibly be?

      • Jane18

        I guess that old saying ”the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” is true after all. Right?

  • Buzz

    I rarely do this; however with the execution style murder in OR of LaVoy Finicum, I am asking all of you to contact your email friends/relatives. I am also asking you to first, contact [email protected] and ask him for all the editorials out there in regards to this…a Sheriff that would not keep his Oath, a Commissioners, Council and Mayor that were not interested in protecting those in their city/county/etc. A protester, if you did not get the message, found a camera that was the FBI, did I mention the FEDS are no friends of the true American, that was spying on he community; we have now the FEDS won, so which state will they go after now? Double jeopardy was one of the issues, the FEDS burning cattle, homes, and the Paiute lands were another..but I do believe, if you want to see this whole thing in print, arnie is your guy..if I knew how to upload things to here or even if possible, I would do so for all you loyal conservatives and Patriots. Thanks..not meant to offend but meant to hopefully get started somehow, somewhere, find the needed leader and put the FEDS out of business.
    Check out Google search, they might have something like …the Clintons, is OR really about uranium…I think links will come up for you.

  • frankenbiker

    China kill him, wipe him from the planet, rip his guts out while he’s sill breathing. The inquisitors did it, look it up if you need instructions of how to keep him alive while doing it. A small incision, just large enough to start pulling his intestines out, pile them on his chest so he gets a good look. Keep him alive as long as possible, and have your way with him.