CIA Director a Wimp in terrorist fight? Allen West weighs in on Waterboarding

Allen West joined Neil Cavuto to discuss the most recent statements made by the CIA director on waterboarding.

In a televised Interview, CIA Director, John Brennan said that he would not obey an order from the President of the United States to waterboard anyone. There are multiple issues with this statement. One issue is that this is highly hypothetical as the President is solely interested in releasing terrorists, not getting information from them. The Director will never face this decision. As far as can be determined, waterboarding may be distasteful or a moral question for the liberal minded, but it is not illegal. If the security of the nation was at stake, what would be the recourse? If it is not illegal and the President gave the order, that would constitute a lawful order. As such, you must obey or resign. Well, which would it be, Mr. Director?



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  • CaptGene

    The question is rhetorical, Colonel West. The PANSY IN CHIEF appointed the CIA director; of COURSE he is a wimp!

  • Chet

    Fortunately, this sympathizer will be outta Dodge once Trump or Cruz or Cruz or Trump becomes president. His service will no longer be required for convenience of the government. It’s unbelievable how this nation’s overseeing regime could be so unduly bent out of shape regarding a tactic which, at best, merely scares the daylights out of a bad guy to fess-up. Especially so as the brutal savages cut off the heads of men whose hands are bound and forced to kneel, or those nailed to a cross, or the ones drowned or set afire in cages along with the stoning of used unwanted women or rapes of children.

    Ever notice these same brave warriors engaged in close combat with real warfighters or even tough bar room brawlers with fists, chains, knives, bats or sidearms etc? Dear God (of the Holy Bible) willing, soon we will have some real men at the helm of this nation once again along with qualified God-fearing, Christ honoring, Constitution abiding, Israel supportive men and women of all colors willing to serve in the cabinet as opposed to being served. And I pray Lt Col Allen West will again don his uniform, (perhaps Brooks Bros) to serve in some capacity in the new Trump or Cruz or Cruz or Trump cabinet as well. Perhaps as a great CIA Director or Sec Def. May the Holy Spirit of God stir the proper hearts and minds of all concerned to bring this about, in Jesus name…

    • Sgtsnuffy


      • Chet

        Great idea whose time is reborn in dealing with terrorists serving under no flag or state entity, per se…

  • Michael

    Screw water boarding–wire their nuts to a 12 volt battery and turn up the juice!! I bet they will be singing like a choir before very long!

    • CaptGene

      I have only three words for you: “UP THE VOLTAGE!!” 🙂 Other than using only 12 volts, that is a great idea!

  • Moss500

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  • peterp77

    John Brennan, as we know, is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, perhaps even a devout Muslim himself so no surprises there. This man clearly should not be working in such a sensitive position within the US government. And if he refuses to obey waterboarding orders then he should immediately resign and step aside for someone who will do the job.

  • Bojac

    It has been reported by the news media that our CIA Director had converted to the Muslim religion several years back.Google it.