Clinton Camp In Panic Mode Over Bernie Sanders

The Hillary Clinton Camp sounds panicked over Bernie Sanders’ability to raise funds after his latest performances at the polls. That has also given him the ability to possibly out spend his rival, Hillary. Her campaign manager, Robby Mook, sent out an email to supporters sounding the alarm. Perhaps Candidate Clinton should dig ito her own pocket and help finance her own ambition. I am sure that some corporate speaking fees will arise to help cover costs.

Hillary evil

As Written By PAUL BEDARD at The Washington Times:

Mook warns of defeat in Ohio, Illinois, Mo., ‘outspent, outraised’ by Sanders.




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  • Gern Blanston

    Oh how i just wish this wretched hag would just go away….

    • Ness T

      FAR AWAY

  • lokiswife

    Mindboggling – she’s got a 40 year history of corruption, inability to do her job properly, fraud and lies and people will overlook that to vote for a “first female president”? Don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that….

    • bettylee

      Cry an cry more

    • john robel

      3rd option, hire the Mossad, they always get their man”. HEIL HILLARY

  • Jeff Noncent

    Hillary Clinton is a Murderer, and Bernie Sanders is a Moron, both of them are exactly what the Democrats did in the 2012 Democratic national convention voted God out of there party, that! my friend is a result of that

  • Little Bright Feather

    Why doesn’t he just buy some Super Delegates for himself like the wicked witch
    did ? Super Delegates are always up for sale. They really should not exist. AT least the regular delegates must go with how the voters vote. Super Delegates can do whatever they please ! Highest bidder gets them.