CLINTON EMAIL: Hillary Advised to Consider Resigning After These Obama Comments

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was advised to consider resigning in 2012 after President Barack Obama was caught on a live microphone telling then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have more flexibility on missile talks after his re-election.

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


The revelation comes from the batch of Clinton emails released Thursday by the State Department.

In an email dated March 26, 2012 with the subject line “If true,” Mark Penn, who has done polling for both Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, warns, “This could be about the stupidest thing ever said by a president in foreign policy.”

Penn’s email was a reference to Obama’s private comment by Obama earlier that same day during a summit in Seoul, South Korea. Obama was caught on microphone telling Medvedev that then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin should “give me space” because “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.




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  • sunshinegirl

    I have to agree…..everything Aunt Dot said is true!!!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    both of them and the administration should have been in Jail because they are Murderer, this is outrageous because we have a Murderer in the office, and a Murderer running for president

  • Ewade

    You’re all so clueless. All mainstream media, and all members of congress aren’t only complacent, they are co-conspirators and all in on the game. That includes every presidential candidate. And I do mean EVERY. This Trump vs. Hillary fiasco is one big circus sideshow about as real as Sandy Hook and Charley Hebdo. It’s all fake. Our presidents are not elected, they’re appointed, and it’s been that way for decades.

  • zanografix

    I wish that Mr. West was running as the VP with Trump. I think it would be a great combo.

    • chief

      West would be good but Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Genius and would be better in Trumps ear.

      • NewWest 123

        Cruz said he will hire Trump to build the wall! Cruz needs to win… He will have an excellent cabinet and admin. Donald will be included in there somewhere.

        • chief

          I believe you but people do not know Cruz or understand him. The mainstream media successfully demonized the “T.E.A. Party” and will link Cruz to it. MSM has not started their attacks on Cruz because he is not the leader. I think that Trump and VP Cruz is Cruz’s path to the White House. I do not think that Trump will cave when it is time to deport and MSNBC is playing 24/7 videos of illegal immigrants crying. Trump does not need Congress because there are many laws on the books he can use. Cruz might cave with is strong Christian compassion. Let Trump do the dirty work with a Constitutional Genius in his ear. Cruz 2024!

          • NewWest 123

            His ground game is bigger than people realize and I believe a lot of Trump supporters are liberal and many will not show up,to vote but we will see. Trump,has no ground game and most do not believe anything the media tells them .

          • mspatdev

            The media in all forms can not be trusted as they all work for obama. He pays millions of dollars to each one of them every month. They promote demos. obama wants a one party system. Most everything that comes out of his mouth he is blaming, blaming the GOP. He can’t pass anything because of the GOP.

          • NewWest 123

            As far as those attacks, MSM has tried but they are always called out on them. Cruz tells the truth, they don’t. Attacks on their way starting next week and by Rubio, Bush, Huckabee, Santorum and their owner/donors! It is a sad scene when these phony conservatives would rather worry about taking the best down and their own party.., for personal gain… That being lining their pockets with corrupt deal making. And thos supporters of them, should be disgusted with the way they waste their donations lately to no avail. Anyway Cruz is ready and says if they are not attacking him, he would be worried. Like Imsaid, he tells the truth and they don’t. Most if not all Cruz supporters will not change their minds about him whereas, the others will be outed and they will lose support. The truth always wins….

          • chief

            Truth always wins? Explain Obama and Hillary? You have to fight fire with fire sometimes. Truth does not matter because many people only pay attention when there is drama. Sad but True.

      • zanografix

        If Cruz were a constitutional scholar he would know that he, like Obama, is ineligible. Both parents have to be US citizens before birth and it doesn’t matter if he was born in Canada; that’s the red herring Obama depended on. This Article 2 issue was never resolved that’s why it keeps coming up. West is NBC and you must be eligible to become President to be VP. Look up text of SRES 511.Even Obama himself stated that you must be a child of Americans (plural) and he co-sponsored the resolution (which is not a law) with Hillary Clinton. Stll want to vote for her?

        • pepjrp

          In November 2015, two ballot challenges were filed in New Hampshire, alleging Cruz was ineligible because he was born in Canada.[133] The ballot commission rejected the challenges.

          • zanografix

            Ted Cruz is exactly like Obama they can’t say he is ineligible because Obama is ineligible. It’s like the argument that says you can’t play in the little league World Series if your 13 and then everyone argues about did they mean at the beginning of the season or during the playoffs or actually during the series? Ted Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen when he was born that makes him ineligible. The founders were very wise to make this one generation test it keeps foreigners from overtly takin over the American government.

        • Carl Lewis

          You’re wrong. Natural born citizen occurs if the..MOTHER is an American citizen. Established in late 1880s. Look it up.

          • jsl55

            You’re wrong. One parent can confer citizenship for a foreign birth, but not the higher requirement of Natural Born Citizen. The Founders found that term in Vattel’s “Law of Nations”, Book 1, Chapter 19, Section 212. Everything 0bama has done should be reversed as invalid because he is a usurper in the office of President. He needs to be on trial for treason.

  • NixTyranny

    King Barack is still acting as though he has “more flexibility” with the US Constitution regarding anything he chooses. He knows he can because both the media and Congress stand back and let him get away with it..

    • Mike_Travis

      That makes congress guilty of being his accomplice in every crime he has committed for which they should should ALL be arrested along with the tyrant in chief Ovomit.

      • zanografix

        You’ve hit the nail on the head. Article 2 was tested against John McCain but never applied to Obama. The court crying that the people have no standing is not a resolution. According to them every child born to an illegal alien in the US is now eligible to run for Presiden even if their parents are deported.

    • mspatdev

      How very true that is. He is not the King. There will not be a king in the USA. Only one person will be King of the USA and that is God. This is his land. The way he is acting he may be a dictator with his thigs.

  • hangman57

    Nothing like Obama and Hillary giving into our enemies around the world .

  • marktomark



    Electing Hillary president will guarantee Baraq Obama 8 more years as Americas ruler..

  • Nunnyah Biz

    To the gallows with this wench!