Clooney ~ Alamuddin engagement: More to it than meets the eye?

by Tanya Grimsley

Many people may think that this engagement of George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin, the British-Lebanese  lawyer specializing in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law is simply, “Good old George, the forever bachelor, has finally found his true love. I mean c’mon, not only is Amal Alamuddin beautiful, but they have many like interests and causes.

What is disturbing to those paying attention is Amal’s current connections. While some may think she is harmless, it kind of makes you wonder about the big hoopla surrounding this engagement. I mean, George recently got into with billionaire Steve Wynn over just the mere discussion of Barack Obama. Why so defensive George? Someone merely disagreeing with you shouldn’t warrant an all out fisticuffs. Then the following weekend he gets engaged?


Here are some fast facts on Amal Alamuddin:

1. Alamuddin, 36, was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and studied law at Oxford University and the New York University School of Law, according to a bio posted by NYU. Now based in London, she is fluent in French, Arabic and English.

2. In 2011 she began to represent WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in his fight against extradition by Sweden.

3.  Amal has been appointed to numerous U.N. commissions and is an adviser to former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Syria.

4. Alamuddin worked as a student law clerk for now-Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was then a judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

5. Her mother, Baria, 66, is the foreign editor of Arab newspaper al-Hayat. Her father Ramzi, a retired professor of business studies at the American University of Beirut, returned to Lebanon in 1991.

6. Alamuddin has been appointed to a number of UN commissions including as adviser to Special Envoy Kofi Annan on Syria, and as Counsel to the Inquiry launched by UN human rights rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC into the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations. She has been involved in many high-profile cases, representing the state of Cambodia, the former Libyan intelligence chief Abdallah Al Senussi, Yulia Tymoshenko and Julian Assange.

7. She is an adviser to the King of Bahrain in connection with the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry.

Bottom line is this: Alamuddin may have the beauty and the brains but she is deeply connected in a way that America should be paying attention to this whirlwind romance that has swept one of the most eligible bachelors in history off his feet and into a super fast engagement. When someone influential in Hollyweird marries someone with these connections, a flag in your head should go up.



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  • Reese Daniel

    She looks like Clooney in drag. He fell in love with himself. Typical of a Narcissist.

  • Reese Daniel

    I HATE evil, corruption, lies and deception. Is that wrong? (I don’t think so!)

  • IndiaBlue

    …she is a Druze Muslim. The post above in reply to the poster “Mandy” explains it. Its an offshoot of Islam. They also embrace some Jewish traditions. Interesting that Druze Muslim males will marry Orthodox Jewish women. Regardless, its not the Orthodox Jewish people anywhere in any country that are committing crimes against humanity everywhere across the globe every freakin’ day in the name of the “Religion of Peace”. You would think “moderate” Muslims would have enough of it and be tired of their so called “religion” (Sorry to say this but honestly, its truly more accurately a Brain Washing Cult.) being used to endorse torture, enslavement, and murder. Most recently now in the Paris attacks.

    …guess they say nothing – do nothing – protest nothing about it because they agree. Old saying goes when you don’t speak up and speak out against something that’s wrong – then you are agreeing with it by your silence, ( Its called “acquiescence” which means to agree to something in silence or inaction.) Heck even the Christian Churches across the U.S. stood up and big time vocally condemned the murderer of the abortion doctor. I’m sure most “Christians” don’t agree with abortion – but murdering the abortion Dr. is simply murder and it is wrong – and at least they had the balls to stand up and rage against it.

    Wonder why the big Muslim organizations even in the U.S. where freedom of speech is still honored unconditionally say nothing…? Wonder why there are no huge groups of Imams in Western countries where they CAN speak out against it – do not…? Not even our supposedly “enlightened” and Law educated “Mrs. Clooney” here will speak up against it or say anything correct.

    Pure acquiescence in agreement to it from all of them… sad…

    Pure endorsement of Islamofascisim is all I see nowadays from all Muslims bc they do not rail and rage at least in the streets against it! Except maybe the Peshmurga.

    “Go Team Peshmurga!” >xD

    And btw – alittle OT – but seriously SICK of the media calling murderers of innocent people by decapitation “executioners” – they are NOT “executioners” – they are purely evil incarnate in the form of psycho-pathic murderers.

    They are MURDERERS dear Media People – please quit giving them “titles”.

    And if the PARIS ATTACKS aren’t enough to convince people they are simply that, then they are just simply ignorant.

    And calling them ISIS is another stupidity the Western Media and Administration seems intent on keeping.

    The French call them Daesh (pronouced DAY-a-esh. (Not “Dash” as Kerry said in France the other day.)

    So if the French are committed to calling them Daesh and NOT what they want to be called (which is the Islamic State, ISIL, or ISIS) then I’m standing with the French in solidarity on that for SURE – even if our Administration and Media will not.

    Its the least I as an individual can do. (Short of joining the Peshmurga! Yay Team Pesh!!)

    Ps – Please don’t flame. Research before you even TRY to, because I have; even going as far as reading the Quran AND The Hadiths – and you are not going to find me pulling any punches here with false info. I’m not a Dem or a Rep. I’m both of their worst nightmares. I’m an Independent. I vote the candidate not the party – and sometimes its a matter of voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

    I just “Call a Spade a Spade.” That simple…

  • IndiaBlue

    alittle OT here – but Mr. West, please get yourself somewhere where they haven’t redrawn your voting district so we can get you in there.

    …then get you in as PRESIDENT!

    I don’t think you’d take any crap off those Daesh cockroaches!

    Go Team WEST! >=D

    SEMPER FI Brother.