Conservatives Issue WARNING to Senate Majority on SCOTUS Pick

The conservative base of the GOP is sending a message to the leadership. How well it will be received and what actions will or will not be taken, remain to be seen. This is probably one of the most constitutionally important picks that has faced our nation in a long time. Read the considerations in this article.


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As Written By Cathy Burke for NEWSMAX:

Conservatives: SCOTUS Pick More Important Than Senate Majority

Conservatives are bluntly warning the Senate against holding Supreme Court nomination hearings, saying it would be “tone deaf” and enflame already angry voters.

According to The Hill, conservatives say blocking President Barack Obama’s high court pick is worth the risk even if Democrats retaliate and bring the Senate’s work to a halt.

“I would rank having a conservative justice as more important than having the majority in the Senate,” David Bozell, president of For America, a conservative advocacy group, tells The Hill.

“God knows this Republican majority in the Senate hasn’t done much anyway for conservatism, period. If you look at some of the conservative movement’s successes, it’s in large part due to the court doing some decent things and making some good decisions.”

Mike Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, agrees, saying “the issues that are of great concern to the conservative movement have all been decided by the Supreme Court,” including Second Amendment rights, marriage and abortion.

“People who argue that the Republicans should play footsy with President Obama and the Democrats on this Supreme Court opening are the same types of people who are simply tone deaf to the political moment we’re experiencing,” the American Conservative Union’s chairman, Matt Schlapp, tells The Hill.

“The Senate should be more important to hold onto, but unfortunately with runaway interventionist court, the Supreme Court” might be more important, he said.




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  • sgtstriker

    Since the Supreme Court, and others, have taken to legislating rather than interpreting and applying the Constitution, I believe it to be of utmost importance to ensure that the Supreme Court is made up of “Originalists”, like the late Antonin Scalia. Therefore I would insist that the next appointment of a member of the Supreme Court be made by the next, hopefully Republican conservative, President.

  • KC


    • sparkleplenty27

      For more than 30 years Trump has been saying basically the same thing – he has been consistent if you look back at interviews from 30 years ago – he loves America, he is pro military, he is pro business, and he will be tough on enemies and our lax immigration since he’s been talking about these matters and what a mess they are – for decades. He may not be the most conservative but he is NOT a progressive, and he is the right person right now for a dirty job of cleanup.

      • KD

        Are you talking about that parallel universe where Trump has been a conservative for over 30 years and not just changed his position on things for political expediency? Because, in this universe, that’s EXACTLY what Donald Trump has done. Try looking at his opponents attack ads. They will tell you all you need to know about the Trump from this universe.

        • sparkleplenty27

          ATTACK ADS? are you kidding – those are supposed to be truth? I prefer to listen to the person, in their own words, over time and those words over time BY TRUMP have been consistent. So run along and go suck on that kool aid.

          • KD

            Yeah, well you’re a class act. Maybe when those attack ads come in the form of Trump on Video featuring Trump’s Own Words only a few short years ago blatantly contradicting Trump’s words today, you will wake up and see Trump for the blowhard, Full of $*!t, demagogue he is. Or, you can listen to Trump BS you into voting for him like Onumbnuts did in 2004 & 2008. It’s not like the future of our Republic is at stake or anything… I mean, it’s doubtful you’re willing to engage in hand-to-hand combat to restore order in this country anyway. So, who cares? Right?

      • KC

        Yes ,, talk is cheep ,,,,, All i know is Trump gave McCONNELL 50K TO HELP FEND OFF a true conservative to reelect McCONNELL and give us a TRUE PROGRESSIVE RINO .

      • ronigee dawg

        WOW!!! How carefully did you have to edit the videos of Trump to try to make him a conservative??? Oh sure … he’s pro America (or is that Amerika) … I mean Odumba is “pro-Amerika” – fundamentally changed.

        Time and time and time again Trump was not just in the choir, he was doing the ‘solo’. New York values, baby … got NOTHING to do with the police on 9-11. Seriously, hon, there are very few in politics, even on the left (and that includes people with ‘D’s) that stand up for partial birth abortions … you are going to believe this guy made THAT big of a switch?

        Down the line … he’s at LEAST mushy RINO … and in some cases hard left : STILL supports mandate (how the hell is ANY of Obamacare unconstitutional if FEDERAL GUBBERNMENT can FORCE you to buy something?) … still supports Kelo – government can confiscate your property for the benefit of their cronies … need I go on? Hell, if that is not progressive, maybe you have a new definition.


    So far Leadership in both houses have IGNORED the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! The hypocrite Democrats Filibustered Pres. Bushes nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court Despite a last minute effort by Democratic Senator John Kerry to filibuster,[34] which was joined by, among others, Sens. Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and Harry Reid,[35] a cloture vote to end debate passed 72-25 on Monday, January 30.
    I would WANT that the next appointment of a member of the Supreme Court be made by the next, hopefully Republican conservative, President.

  • mustang

    Let’s see if McConnell has found his balls or not and is willing to put America ahead of the establishment RINO’S by making sure a vote doesn’t take place…he is on the record saying no vote…we will see if he is actually Squish McConnell or Mitch McConnell.

    • KC

      McCONNELL IS THE ESTABLISHMENT and Trump helped him get reelected over a true conservative just a few short years ago.

    • ronigee dawg

      If we are going to gain our country back or more specifically conservative movement, then we REALLY need to get away from the terminology that RINOs are somehow “weak” and “spineless” … their actions AGAINST conservatives indicate that they are not just bowing to liberal pressure … THEY ARE LIBERALS trying to paint the facade of conservatism. Its one thing to be in a war and cower in a foxhole … failing to do what you need to for the platoon … it is a WHOLE other thing to pick up the enemy’s weapons and turn and fight against your own (e.g. in budget battles, using the demoncrapts’ lies about “defaulting on the debt”). When you see political hacks using OUR money (GOP funds) to defeat conservatives in primaries … you know well they are NOT “spineless” … they are TRAITORS.

  • kris littledale

    Let there be no mistake…if Obullshit gets to appoint a seat on SCOTUS then the jig is up and the US will become just another bankrupt “social democracy” like most of Europe. For conservatives and constitutionalists the enemy is at the gates. This is Dien Bien Phu. Fight or die. If conservatives don’t FORCE the Republican Senate majority to simply fold their arms and just say no then it’s all over. We will have surrendered to the stateists. Freedom will be gone. 2A will be gone. The groundbreaking American experiment in liberty will be over. It is time conservatives went all ISIS on the GOP Senate majority and let them know that there are only two alternatives….just say NO! to Obullshit or face civil war. Time for the GOP to GET A SPINE OR DIE.

  • One2Stupid

    There is a reason that the non-establishment primary candidates are running all over the Rino’s. The party is in full revolt. We have had enough of these gutless wonders who have been running the show. If they want to be re-elected they need to grow a pair and stand for Conservative values and stop being Liberal-Lite. Trump may be arrogant and obnoxious but at least he speaks his mind! Ted Cruze has few friends because he won’t play party politics or kiss McConnell’s butt. Times are changing…Thank God!

    • ronigee dawg

      re: Trump … How deranged are we? Trump is EXACTLY the type of democrap-in-drag candidate that has played us for complete idiots all these years … he’s hard (RADICAL) left supporter of Nancy Pee, Dirty Harry, and a handful of mush RINOs. However, SUDDENLY – JUST IN TIME FOR THE ELECTIONS … he finds God (literally), is pro-life (coming FROM pro partial birth abortions???), anti-immigration, and on and on and on. Trump will be the picture postcard of the run-right, rule left … and in his case I am afraid he will make Hitlory look conservative.

      You are right about Cruz, he is THE ONLY guy left standing that is hard core Constitutional conservative. GOD knows DC absolutely despises him.


    The RINO contingent will look to ooze from responsibility and run from their obligations because they and the libs are tied at the hip….

  • Patricia McGehee

    We must get rid of the centrists in the gov. Read Gary DeMar’s book “America’s Christian History The Untold Story” and you will be surprised at what centrist believe. I always thought they were moderates but they are not. They should NOT call themselves Republicans.

  • J.French

    The enemy is at the gate, Conservatives are well aware of the danger existing with a rubber stamp Supreme Court.
    Unfortunately the RNC has become ineffectual with the majority merely being the other hand accepting Lobbyist money & not Conservative principles being enacted in Congress. McConnell is merely a figurehead 1st cousin of Harry Reid basically supporting similar Washington Insider Politics & self enrichment.
    Nothing has essentially changed, it is still business as usual. ObamaCare is set in stone & the RNC while accepting campaign donations & votes are as a lying crooked bunch as Democrats or worse scared of their shadows.
    We shall soon witness whether Obama is able to make a Liberal appointment, when it happens this will spell major changes in the 2nd Amendment & numerous other changes allowing the Central Government & Congress to become the Politburo of the new USS Amerika.

  • frankenbiker

    According to the Constitution, not that it means anything to dementocraps and RINOS, the supreme courts job is to interpret the Constitution. Not write laws. This is one of the most important election in modern history. Who do we want making that pick? Hildebitch, Trump, Cruz, or Rubio? Personally, I’d like to see Cruz make that choice since he’s the ONLY conservative running. Rubios a RINO, Hildebitch is just fcking insane, and drunk with power, and Trumps a loose cannon that in my opinion would place a middle of the road kind of guy on the bench. Here’s my problem, I like Trump as potus, I think he would be the man we need right now. Cruz would have the same problem the goatfcker has, except Cruz would be fighting liberals. Rubios notthing but a fcking RINO that would do everything the progressives want, no matter what the cost. Here’s my nominee, TRY GOWDY!!! There’s only one candidate that would appoint him though, Ted Cruz. Now you see my problem.