Crowley On Hillary E-Mail Investigation: This Is NOT Some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, This Is Obama Taking Her Out

Washington Times columnist and Fox News contributor, Monica Crowley, joined Kilmeade & Friends in studio to discuss the latest on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, the ongoing feud between the Clintons and President Obama and why Monica believes Pres. Obama wants to marginalize Hillary so she is out of the race so the president can get the nominee he wants to succeed him. ~ Fox News Radio

Watch here:



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  • ADR

    Obama is involved in the entire scenario and isn’t going to protect Hillary but he will not allow the prosecution of her due to all evidence leading back to him. On the other hand, and this had been a GOP member, the Dems would be marching in the streets and someone would already be in jail. This convoluted mess is about money taken from our enemies, Obama’s partnership allegiance to and loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood, and cover-up of Benghazi/deleted emails, and the entire Hillary State Dept. espionage workings.

  • Old Nikko

    Dear website admin… why do you allow this blatant and obnoxious, obvious scam spam ads on many, if not most of these posts?

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    Dint America use to hang Enemies of the State? Both Hitlary and and Obuttwipe should climb the scaffle.

    • Beckah

      We stopped being a country of honor when we joined and started supporting the UN!

  • jim scofield

    Guess there truly is no honer among Thieves
    and Hitlery can’t rat out Obola because she would
    have to admit being complicit in the crimes committed
    under their watch.