Dan Bongino SLAMS The Obama Administration over #FOIA

by Daniel Bongino via Facebook

This is not a joke. The Obama administration, which hysterically claims to be the most “transparent in history”, waited until National Freedom of Information Day to announce that it was exempting itself from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Washington DC continues to poke the bear. Many of us can barely tolerate the stench coming out of DC anymore. And yes, if your response is “Bush did it” too, then you’re proving my point.

Scandals, power grabs, unconstitutional rule, lies, elitism, interference in foreign elections, and secrecy are the rule, not the exception. Consent of the governed requires legitimacy and the DC cocktail party crowd had better wake up, and do it quickly. You are rapidly losing what small semblance of legitimacy you had left in the eyes of Americans. Wake up! We’re tired of the garbage you’re shoving down our throats.


Dan Bongino SLAMS The Obama Administration over #FOIA



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