Dana Loesch DESTROYS The Godless Left’s’ Coordinated Assault On Constitutional Rights [WATCH]

Boom! Bam! Biff! Bop! Holy Video, Batman!


As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

In an intense new video from NRA News, The Blaze’s Dana Loesch ripped into the “godless left” for their mockery of prayer, their penchant to “purge the facts” when it doesn’t meet their narrative, and their unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment.

“This was a coordinated assault on the two freedoms they hate the most; our right to believe and our right to survive,” says Loesch. Speaking of the elites in the media, politics, and on college campuses, “they openly attack sacred American values and the people who cherish them with ruthlessness, and contempt, and downright hatred.” Loesch then described their one agenda as one fueled by “unholy arrogance.”


Dana loesch 2



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  • mark

    Our Government is turning their backs on Americans and American values. The Godless left is creating and allowing the enemy through the gate. We are at war with those who follow the koran and the enemy of Christ; Mohammad. Islam is a religion that knows no race. It will welcome any color, or race as long as they follow the koran. If you do not follow the Koran, it instructs them to kill you or pay a tax to the followers.

    • Two Deer

      They’ll take out the godless FIRST.

  • Grazzly

    Crawling on your knees and mumbling to the ceiling never fixed anything. Conservatism is a social disease.

    • Ewade

      Did you watch the video, libtard? She’s talking about you.

    • Two Deer

      Conservatism is the only thing left standing between you and losing your rights.

      How easily you’d give them away.

      • Grazzly

        The people responsible for voting in the theocrats that gave us the Patriot Act and the Drug War are the ones standing in the way of our Rights. Conservatism is a dead end.

    • marlene

      your comment is a mental disease.

  • Two Deer

    “God Isn’t Fixing This!” Neither are the people entrusted to and SWORE to do the job.

  • Smith Jones

    It seems that “God isn’t fixing this” to the liberals because they have removed him from practically all aspects of their lives, so how is he supposed to do anything in such an atmosphere of unbelief?