Democrat VP Nominee Tim Kaines ‘Prediction’ or is this a Threat?

We are grateful to Democrat VP candidate, Tim Kaine, for advising us as to the nuclear option being considered for a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Because Hillary could not get Crazy Uncle Joe from the Obama adminstration, Tim Kaine appears to have volunteered for the Crazy Role in the Clinton Camp. Thanks to Tim we can now see that this will be no more than a continuation of the Obama disaster we have witnessed for the last eight years.

As Written By Jordain Carney for The Hill:

Hillary Clinton‘s running mate is predicting Democrats will go “nuclear” if Republicans try to stonewall a potential Supreme Court nominee by Clinton.

Tim Kaine on Friday said he believes Senate Democrats will change the chamber’s rules if they run into GOP obstruction in 2017.

“If these guys think guys think they are going to stonewall the filling of that vacancy, or other vacancies, then a Democratic Senate majority will say we’re not going to let you thwart the law,” he told The Huffington Post.

The historic move would let Supreme Court nominees bypass a current 60-vote procedural requirement and be approved by a simple majority.

Pressed as to he is saying Democrats will carry out a threat from outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to use the procedural “nuclear option,” Kaine added, “I am predicting that if the Republicans continue to stonewall, then I think that will happen.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), asked this week if Republicans should consider a Clinton nominee, appeared to suggest letting the vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death go unfilled for years. …..

Full Story Here:

Kaine: Dems will use ‘nuclear option’ if GOP blocks court nominee | TheHill



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  • frankenbiker

    Of cours if the repubs hold both houses, there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. The senate can’t just change the rules unless they have a majority willing to change the rules. Like when Reid did it, he had the majority. So this is just an idle boast.

    • Zoomie72

      Exactly why we MUST maintain the Senate Republican majority. Or increase it. Neither of my Senators are up for re-election this time, so those two are safe.

      • Bertie

        Or mine. But we WILL re-elect Ted Cruz … and McCaul can run for Loser-RINO John Cornyn’s seat.

        • Zoomie72

          We’re in the same state. I’m not familiar with McCaul. I’ll have to look him up before next election, because I agree with you about Cornyn. He calls himself conservative, but he doesn’t vote that way.

      • Beckah

        We finally get to “replace” Dirty Harry, sadly it’s with the choice of two equally disgusting pieces of garbage!

      • metheoldsarge

        The liberals never lost control of Congress. The only difference between the Republicans and Democrats is the name of their party.

    • Beckah

      Too bad we have “Republicans” that vote like Demonrats. A majority has not served Conservativism or We the People at all the last 15 years or so!

      • Nunnyah Biz

        You mean since Reagan left office! Bush sr. was a coward and bush 2 wasn’t even president, cheney was!

        We The People have been betrayed! We The People Stand Alone!

        Arm up Folks! It’s really all We The People have left!

      • frankenbiker

        The whole damn system is corrupted.

    • metheoldsarge

      The way the Republican politicians in Congress are shooting themselves in the foot by not doing what they were elected to do, the Democrats will take over.

      • frankenbiker

        I think the senates going to flip, and it’ll be our worse nightmare if hildebitch is also elected. The senate is almost more important thanthe potus. If the senate goes dementocrap, and hildebitch is elected, 4 SCOTUS justices will be confirmed, all hard c9re liberals. The UN small arms treaty will be ratified, and or borders will be even more wide open than they are now. So fck the hildebitch, we NEED the senate.

  • hankthetank

    I hope they ALL get 6′ under, or hung for treason on the WH lawn ! So no one will ever try this again ! ( make a sample of them )

  • dhd123

    The threat of dictatorship? Lets be real, that is what the Democrats want. They want to shove their agenda down our throats our wants and needs be damned.

  • Cordstreet

    Democrats won’t be happy until there’s an armed rebellion. Count me in.

    • Bertie

      And me. And my neighbors.

    • Jake_Arr

      They want an armed rebellion before January 20th so Obama can declare martial law. It will be quickly followed by his imperial decree that he will not relinquish and vacate the white house. Then the civil war can really get under way.

      • believe

        GO You Tube. pot in WARRANTS SERVED
        For starters ,then Obama has a death threat on his life. Looks like evil will be some what gone, but we still have to clean up the mess there Dliberality leaving.

    • Nunnyah Biz


      Armed Revolution is the ONLY Solution for eradicating the traitors from the USA!

  • Smitch

    Tim, have you heard of “WE THE PEOPLE”! Shut your dumb-ass!

    • Bertie

      Succinct and to the point. Bravo, Smitch!

  • David

    Tim Kaine and “The Whore of Babylon” have not won the Election yet … that will be Nov. 8, 2016.
    The Corruption of the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party has “Awakened the Sleeping Giant”, and if Hillary “Wins the Election” using “Voter Fraud” (like Obama did in 2008 and 2012), the “Awakened Giant” is going to be “Pissed” … maybe enough to give some Crooked Politicians “what they have been asking for” … for decades … a noose or a firing squad.

  • Bob

    looks like Cruz is ready to CAVE already.
    what the hell is wrong with these republicans?? are they all worthless scumbag RINO’s??

    • Nunnyah Biz

      YES! And TRAITORS too!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    There will never be a Clinton appointment, She is losing by an enormous landslide.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Just another “ironclad” reason to start exercising ALL of our GOD Given, Inalienable, Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights against ALL of the traitors infesting our government!

    Better join your local Militia, before it’s too late Folks! It’s really all We the People have left!

  • believe

    I think she will be dead before she serves to much prison. she is just functioning on med’s by what her doctor has her keep her alive. NO TEARS SHED THERE.

  • Bertie

    Reported to Disqus for Spamming.