Dems Approve Obama ‘Peace’ Deal, Ayatollah releases THREATENING new video

Ayatollah Khamenei released this threatening video — “If Any War Happens”

Democrats approved President Obama’s nuclear peace deal with the Iranian regime last week. Then the Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted this.





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  • Chas

    Barry ‘The Ignorant’ Soetoro and his cabal, including Ketchup Kerry, haven’t got a clue what they are doing. Loyal Dumbascraps in congress also have no idea and I would bet good money that they have not read the deal. It is a no brainer to vote NO for this abomination. We all know how well Obozocare worked out and it, too, was packed with lies and deceptions. Hold the clowns in congress responsible for their vote. Retribution will follow.

    • RaleighKnows

      We have a Republican congress… What is going on with those assholes? I’ll tell you, politics as usual… Filling their pockets. Corrupt and useless bastards.

  • Eric Anderson

    If you remember, when they first mentioned this deal, only 4 democratic Senators were for this deal, 2 months later, they have enough to filibuster it. I am thinking there is a lot of blackmail, extortion, threats and bribery going on from the Obama administration to get this done. If it were me though, I would not care what they threatened me with, I would never put my job in front of the security of my Country. Even if I didn’t care about my Country, I would still no jeopardize the future of my kids & Grandchildren.

    • JDH

      I would never put my job in front of the security of my Country……Sadly,way to many congressional individuals live in “never-never” land and no longer see this country as our “unique America”. They see it as part of a world organization and nothing special….they are destroying what makes this country great…our “individual uniqueness and freedom”!
      Personally,regardless of party I believe they should loose their jobs and this country as their home!

    • RaleighKnows

      Just a lot of money and deals… The breakfast of politicians.

  • oldfool

    Every Democrat that votes for this deal again against the wishes of we the people when this all goes down the should all be hung by the neck till dead for treason what a dispicable bunch of pucks

  • Opinionated American

    Through out history democrats have set up war for the republican president to handle.
    Can the business man Trump negotiate? Or will WW3 get even hotter ?
    If was me and I knew nukes were on the table. I would turn Iran sand into glass.
    Then deal with Russia. Conserding they are in Syria which is bordered with Israel.
    I am not for war. Looks like Obama has fired it up with this deal.

  • Laddyboy

    Since the “leader” of the ‘iranian’ CULT has called for attacks upon America, he has ALREADY begun the war.

  • joann

    stop Iran now get rid of Obama and all the Muslims that preach Sharia law in this country.
    you obey by our laws or get out of our country. .only one wife and she has to be an adult no beating of your wife or you go to jail no castration of little girls. We are not going to remove God or any crucifix from our life and churches or schools. If you’re offended get the f*** out of our country

  • adruidwolf

    hope these D-F will live long enough to see their own people incinerated. History tends to repeat itself when the lessons are not learned. We should follow this example as the terrorists move northward I wouldn’t mind designating a protected space specifically for impaling terrorists, Maybe good old Harry Reid could be the grounds keeper.

    Vlad Țepeș

    He was posthumously dubbed Vlad the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Țepeș, pronounced [ˈvlad ˈt͡sepeʃ]), and was a three-time Voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462, the period of the incipient Ottoman conquest of the Balkans. His father, Vlad II Dracul, was a member of the Order of the Dragon, which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. Vlad III is revered as a folk hero in Romania and Bulgaria for his protection of the Romanians and Bulgarians both north and south of the Danube. Following his raids on the Ottomans, a significant number of Bulgarian common folk and remaining boyars resettled north of the Danube to Wallachia and recognized his leadership.[1]

    In 1459, Pope Pius II called for a new crusade against the Ottomans, at the Congress of Mantua. In this crusade, the main role was to be played by Matthias Corvinus, son of John Hunyadi (János Hunyadi), the King of Hungary. To this effect, Matthias Corvinus received from the Pope 40,000 gold coins, an amount that was thought to be enough to gather an army of 12,000 men and purchase 10 Danube warships. In this context, Vlad allied himself with Matthias Corvinus, with the hope of keeping the Ottomans out of the country (Wallachia was claimed as a part of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror).

    Later that year, in 1459, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II sent envoys to Vlad to urge him to pay a delayed tribute[11] of 10,000 ducats and 500 recruits into the Ottoman forces. Vlad refused, because if he had paid the ‘tribute’, as the tax was called at the time, it would have meant a public acceptance of Wallachia as part of the Ottoman Empire. Vlad, like most of his predecessors and successors, maintained the goal of keeping Wallachia independent. Vlad had the Turkish envoys killed on the pretext that they had refused to raise their “hats” to him, by nailing their turbans to their heads.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan received intelligence reports that revealed Vlad’s domination of the Danube. He sent the Bey of Nicopolis, Hamza Bey (also known as Hamza Ceakirdjiba), to make peace and, if necessary, eliminate Vlad III.

    Vlad Țepeș planned to set an ambush. Hamza Bey, the Bey of Nicopolis, brought with him 1000 cavalry and when passing through a narrow pass north of Giurgiu, Vlad launched a surprise attack. The Wallachians had the Turks surrounded and defeated. The Turks’ plans were thwarted and almost all of them caught and impaled, with Hamza Bey impaled on the highest stake to show his rank.

  • James

    Or perhaps, there are motives behind it you are not supposed to know? Conspiracy theories or facts?, (check the Bush Family/Cheney bank balance, then maybe take a peek at your own, then decide!)