DEVELOPING: Top Election Officials Investigating Hillary Campaign

Top election officials in Nevada are investigating the Hillary Clinton campaign official who was snared in the latest James O’Keefe video.


Top election officials in the state of Nevada are investigating the Hillary Clinton campaign official who was snared in the latest James O’Keefe video, Breitbart News has exclusively learned.

Nevada attorney Christina Gupana, who is managing voter-registration efforts for the Clinton campaign in the key state of Nevada, was the unwitting star of O’Keefe’s undercover sting video this week. Gupana was caught on film apparently conspiring to violate election laws.

Now top state officials are investigating the matter.

“We do have an official complaint referencing the video,” Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary for elections in Nevada’s Secretary of State’s office, told Breitbart News. “The complaint was filed 2:30 local Nevada Time today. We will be investigating the complaint.”

“We can confirm that we are aware of the video and we will look into what’s on the video,” Thorley said.

The O’Keefe project marks one of the most clear-cut examples of potential election fraud yet committed by a 2016 presidential campaign. Gupana deleted the website for her law practice Friday.


Nevada Election Officials Investigating Hillary Campaign 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a speech "Frontlines and Frontiers: Making Human Rights a Human Reality" at Dublin City University in Ireland December 6, 2012. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (IRELAND - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY)



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  • Irredeemable Gary

    Typical Clinton chicanery. Nothing to see here folks… Move along

  • Ron Vaughan

    To have any illegal – someone that is here in any type of manner illegally – But for anyone of them to vote and for it to count – voids Your vote 101 % – Yes , For Us to accept this prick in Our WhiteHouse as any type of an authority figure does as well make You just as stupid as the supreme court justices that agreed that an ID should not be required when placing a vote for One of the absolute most important decisions that We can make for Our Nation ! – There is simply NOT another country that would let any outsider to come in and participate in an National election ! – There are some countries in this world that will still execute You for being on their soil without the proper paperwork ? – And ALL other countries would put Your azz in jail for being there ! – And imagine – If they caught You voting in any election ! – Yo-Azz would be gone gone baby gone ! – But yet in this Nation of Ours – The Nation of law – The Nation that has a Constitution that is One of the absolute best and fairest as well on this earth ! – We have to ENFORCE the LAWS that are on Our Books today ! Hell they were on there – surprisingly – even 100 years ago ! – But yet to be enforced and even mocked by this lil (girlyBoy) and his NOT an administration of peoples – But he does have a vast majority of the muslim brotherhood in this so called crap of a cabinet that are continuously doing all that can be done so as to absolute destroy Us – America

  • Sickofliberallies

    Another day, another investigation into the Clinton organized crime ring. Everywhere this woman goes, everything this woman does warrant’s an investigation. Yet nothing ever seems to happen. The Clinton’s are truly the drug resistant strain of syphilis in politics.

  • Miko

    In the Roman Empire only citizrns enjoyed “rights” or could vote. Non citizens only benifited from civilization.

    • Fredrick Rehders

      Actually Miko, I’m in favor of only property owners being allowed to vote and by property, I mean real estate.

      • Beckah

        I understand that point of view, but I would argue two points. 1) Younger people may not yet have property (and they shouldn’t if they aren’t financially able to properly), 2) many have lost their property (either because of job losses/cut backs or huge increases in taxes).

        • Fredrick Rehders

          Thank you for the reply Bechah. I understand your points from having been there, myself. I served in the Army before reaching the age of 18 and I lost everything and I mean everything at age 42. The immature decisions of the young are almost always emotional as opposed to rational. Those older, but without property are too easily convinced to vote for unearned freebies. With rampant fraud in our electronic voting machines and absentee system it is really moot and matters not at all who votes, but who counts the votes.

      • Miko


  • Patriot47

    Yeah. And the senate is (oops – is not) investigating her, and so is the FBI…..
    blah blah blah blah blah…
    Let me know when they have the old hag in handcuffs.

  • dhd123

    And liberals raise hell over voter ID. I guess they think we are too dumb to know why they are against it…..Not me. Crooks and liars!

  • Jerry Llewellyn

    Sometimes the only way to stop very powerful criminals is to introduce them to Jimmy Hoffa…..