WikiLeaks Mocked the Democrats on Twitter!

It is not considered polite to mock someone. That does not appear to bother Wikileaks as they used their Twitter feed to disparage the Democrat National Committee for orchestrating the worst possibe candidate for the party champion. Wikileaks published emails and pointed out how the DNC was biased toward Hillary and bent the process to her will. 

Read more below.

As Written By Joe Crowe for Newsmax:

The Twitter account for the hacking website WikiLeaks appeared to mock the Democratic Party for picking Hillary Clinton to represent them.

The site published emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee throughout the campaign. It said the emails showed that the DNC was biased toward Clinton over her primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders…..

Full Story Here:

WikiLeaks Appears to Mock Democrats in Tweet



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  • Mike_Travis

    Wikileaks deserves to receive a medal for exposing the total corruption in the democrap party. Assange should be protected under whistleblower laws or those laws are meaningless, nothing more than another lie by politicians wanting to hide their true selves as being part of the largest organized crime syndicate on earth, the US government.

  • dhd123

    Billy Bob hates Hillary’s defeat more than anyone, it severely curtails his skirt chasing…..

  • Cordstreet

    She was going to be the Democrats nominee come Hell or high water. With anything less than her on video drowning puppies she would be it. Pity that Bernie’s supporters were manipulated but that’s Democrats for you. Get used to it.

    • David

      Hillary worshop has become so fanatic, I heard one celebraty talk host say, even if Bonay Ramsay were found in Hillary’s basement, he would still vote Hillary as president.
      This is America!!
      This is scary. Is reason being replaced by a cult-like worshop in this country????