Disturbing! Ominous video containing Obama death threat spooks web

Ominous video containing Obama death threat spooks web

A DISTURBING video containing cryptic DEATH THREATS has spooked the internet with fears that US President Barack Obama may be MURDERED.

via The Daily Star: David Trayner

The distorted black and white footage and soundtrack is unsettling – but when the symbols are analysed things start to get REALLY scary.

Hidden messages give the GPS co-ordinates of the White House, contain graphic images of a woman being tortured and warn: “You have 1 year or less.”


spooky obama death threat video



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  • Vince

    With a security blanket like Biden, nobody will do the POS any harm.

    • AbleAmerican1

      Ugly Costume, Joe & your light battery is weak.

  • ConservativeMe


  • Sandra Stanislav

    I wonder just how many people tried to watch this video only to learn that it is a sham.

    • Proud_to_be_American

      bummer! 🙁

  • sparkleplenty27

    hope springs eternal – year after year after year

  • AbleAmerican1

    Can’t be for REAL.. NO GRASSY NOLL in the back ground & Sam Giancana is long since out of the game

  • futurelife

    oboozo most likely put this out to get people up set. UGH just more lies as every prez has had to go through this …

  • frankenbiker

    I saw nothing but a black figure in a mask with some white noise as a background. Maybe it means what they say, in that case, we can hope they follow through, its a little too little and a little too late, but one can hope they carry out this “death threat” against the great goatfcker.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    I have been expecting the progressives to assassinate him as that would give them great leverage in retaining the progressive programs that are strangling this nation.

    • Richard M

      I could really see this happening.

  • Beckah

    Just the “first step” for King Hussein to declare Martial Law? It’s far too late for the US to be saved by such a thing. However, as Surly points out, it would be big “sympathy points” for the ‘regressives.

  • Bryce

    I didn’t realized he was still alive – he hides in the WH because he is afraid to be out front leading. RIP Barry

  • metheoldsarge

    If an assassination attempt were to be made, and I was near, I would do my best to stop it. Assassination isn’t the way to get him out of the White House. I would prefer to see him leave the White House for the last time in handcuffs. The last thing we need is a dead martyr. That could cause an uprising on a national scale that would make the LA and Detroit riots of the 60s look like a Sunday picnic.

    Statements in favor of assassination can be taken as a potential threat on the life of the President. Although it may seem harmless, I can say through experience that the Secret Service would not share that idea and they do not have a sense of humor. In my Military duties I had a few occasions to work with these people so I know how they think. They take any talk about the demise of the President seriously. People should be careful what they say on this subject in conversations or what they write, especially in a public forum like this. You don’t know who could be listening or reading. Trust me when I say that a visit from the Secret Service would be a very unforgettable and highly unpleasant experience.

  • purplewings

    I think the ones who end up with assassination attempt are those who do good things for our country, like JFK who days before he was killed, told the people he had found out a plan for making our citizens into slaves was underway and he would give us all the info in a couple days. He loved America and was not corrupt at all. He fought the unions corruption and was loved by Americans……..That plan was the New World Order.

  • purplewings

    Why don’t you stop posting your trash in someone else’s blog. Go out and get a job!

  • Michel

    Tex Irvin only those who haven’t paid an ounce of attention to that muslim TRAITOR IN CHIEF, or those getting freebies paid for by tax payers, could EVER consider that POS SOCIALIST LIAR as “great”! He is a traitor to this country and a betrayer of our allies!


    • Terrie Fischer

      I wish I could give you two thumbs up for your comment. You have said what so many Americans have been thinking for years.