DOJ rolls out ‘implicit bias’ training 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is got it together on implicit bias training. Everybody at Justice will be getting the training: all agents and attorneys.

According to the AG, we all have unconscious bias. Besides that, we all stereotype everything. Obviously, the average person cannot be trusted to preform fairly and objectively when it comes to law enforcement. As a matter of fact, I find myself biased against this program. Read more here in an unbiased manner.

loretta lynch

As Written By Kelly Cohen for The Washington Examiner:

The Justice Department announced Monday its agents and attorneys will undergo training aimed at recognizing and reducing “implicit bias.”

The department-wide training is in line with efforts by the federal government to curb bias among personnel following numerous high-profile deaths of unarmed black men by white law enforcement officers.

“Our officers are more effective and our communities are more secure when law enforcement has the tools and training they need to address today’s public safety challenges,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement. “At the Department of Justice, we are committed to ensuring that our own personnel are well trained in the core principles and best practices of community policing.”

Full Story Here:

Justice Dept. rolls out ‘implicit bias’ training for officials | Washington Examiner



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  • Bobseeks

    Actually, Ms. Lynch, there aren’t near enough black men killed each year by the police. Every Micheal Brown and Freddie Gray is a menace to society and should be shot down like rabid dogs.

    But, I believe the same thing about thugs of all colors so you can’t call me racist.

  • Billy Lynn Williams

    I for one am pretty tired of this making excuses for black criminals, and blaming the white people for their actions. For 30 years we have had affirmative action, giving people, because of there skin color an advantage even if they do not nave the top grades. Promoting them above white Americans, Making them Judges and government employees because of their race not their intelligence. But that was OK because of the past history of America. Now they seem to think it is ok to hate White people. I would call that a bias toward all light skinned Americans. Criminals are trash of all colors. If we were punishing them in the prisons instead of making prison a vacation from their crap lives we would not have as many criminals.

    • ROBERT

      Amen, to that.. they need to be policed… race card being used like it was a free for all…. People need to take responsibility for their actions, but the Justice department needs to clean house starting with their own leader… Too much pc and not enough fortitude… God Help Us All…cause we don’t have lick of a chance with what is being touted by the liberals…

  • CinqueB

    How about training the lawyers at the DOJ to respect the law and the constitution.

  • akatom3565

    So they are replacing a so called perceived bias and replacing it with their approved bias, how enlightened and so full of BS at the same time. So I guess in their spare time they are mind readers too!

  • CaribbeanDrift

    So, I have a new course for my homeschooled kids, called “Implicit Ignorance Training.” It teaches them all about the mentality of people like Loretta Lynch, why it’s dangerous, how to spot it, and how to avoid falling into its trap.

  • Heather Sisler

    So, let me get this straight……everyone is ‘guilty’ of implicit bias, even if they have never shown such bias…….(AKA: guilty without evidence). BUT: you can be taught to ameliorate this previously buried bias through education…..even though to change a behavior you have to show some awareness that the behavior needs to be changed in some manner…..and people don’t change unless they see a need to change….and if you don’t recognize a problem—why would you seek to ‘change’ it? What a load of crap!!!