Electoral College: Things to Watch Monday [Video]

Tomorrow is the big event at the electoral college. Each State’s electors will be meeting in their State Capitals and casting their votes per the wishes of their voters. There may be some rebellion, but it does not appear that it will accomplish anything. Donald Trump will be worth following on Twitter as the day progresses. 

 As Written By Ben Kamisar for The Hill:

The 538 members of the Electoral College will meet in their state capitols Monday, almost assuredly sealing President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Trump won 306 electoral votes on Election Day, crossing the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to clinch the presidency and surpassing Hillary Clinton’s 232 electoral votes. Monday’s results are expected to match those figures almost exactly.

Even though the frantic push to exert pressure on the Republican electors isn’t expected to change the outcome, it’s still put the Electoral College under an unusual spotlight.

Here are five things to watch for as the Electoral College casts their ballots.

How many Trump electors defect?

There’s no evidence of a widespread number of Republican defections—just one Republican elector from Texas has gone public with plans to break from Trump.

The so-called “Hamilton Electors” pushing for the revolt need to flip 36 more Republicans onto their side in order to throw the election to the House of Representatives. Even that would probably only delay the inevitable, with the Republican-controlled House eventually choosing Trump anyway.

But there hasn’t been an election in which more than one elector jumped ship for reasons other than the death of a candidate since 1836, according to the nonprofit FairVote. So a defection by even one more Republican elector would make history.

How many Democrats follow through with compromise pick?

Democratic electors are the ones beating the drums for the revolt, yet they’re largely powerless to change the outcome. …..

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Five things to watch when the Electoral College votes Monday | TheHill



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  • metheoldsarge

    One thing you can bet on. There has been some serious arm twisting going on in every state and may continue until the last minute. There has even been some rumors about death threats to some of the Electors. Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Barbra Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to see the Electoral College eliminated. More and more Democrats and RINOs are jumping on this bandwagon.

    It’s obvious the Democrats didn’t learn when they did away with the filibusterer. They have since needed it several times and it wasn’t there for them. Now the crybabies are pushing to have the Electoral College eliminated. First it would take a Constitutional Amendment so that would take a while and may not even be ready for the 2020 election.

    They should think long and hard about this. Abolish the Electoral College and it’s gone. What would they do if, in the future, they need it and the Electoral College isn’t there for them. They should be careful what they wish for because they just may get it.