Elizabeth Warren BRAGS That Abortions Are A Woman’s Right And In Fact HEALTHCARE

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren Floor Speech: I stand with Planned Parenthood

This woman has no shame. Not only does she call that baby in the womb “a choice” but blames Republicans for lack of abortion access. Of course she has to pull out the back door abortion comments. SHAMEFULLY she stands with these baby killers and is proud of her stand. She makes certain to bring light to the fact that we are in a new age and that this is a restriction and that Republicans are keeping women from healthcare.

When did killing a baby become WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE? Please do tell us all.

Watch this nonsense!


liz warren



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  • urbanvrwcmom

    If I wanted to listen to crap, I’ll flush the toilet! It’s the same crap Warren and her co-leftists are full of.

  • ADR

    The message from the gay atheist is there are no absolutes and “Everyone doing that which is right in his own mind”, as the Bible describes her. The same reward is assured her as it was in the Old Testament scriptures. There is no excuse for her actions and there will be a payday someday.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Maybe if Elizabeth Warren, and those like her, were more responsible with their vag!na’s, then we wouldn’t need abortion, now would we?!

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    First off there is the Sandra Fluke demand that we give them free birth control, including abortifacients. Then, when they forget or neglect to refill or take them, we are responsible for the cost of the abortion. Just when are these women, at least those who demand this, responsible for their own health or actions?

  • Ray

    It shows each and every day before and now what the DEMOCRAPS are.
    Complete idiots ever time they open there mouth. This animal and a lot of other DEMOCRAPS in Washington should be ran out of the city and start over with better intelligent people to do business with. It is so divided now it will take years to get it straight again.
    Another thing they LIE so much. UNBELIEVABLE!!!… It has to change for the better right from the top down.

  • bikerdogred1

    Now this is a big C.