Eric Holder: Alias Lew Alcindor?

Just when you thought that the Obama/Clinton email scandals could not get any more fun, this new items floats to the surface of the cesspool. Any reasonable person understands that you use an alias to hide your true identity. Why would the head of the Department of Justice need an alias for his email? Is his intent to hide his actions from public light? It certainly seems so. Read the article below and don’t be surprised.

eric holder doj

As Written By Jason Leopold at Vice News:

While US Attorney General, Eric Holder Used Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Birth Name as His Official Email Address.

The Lew Alcindor revelation was made in a February 16 letter that DOJ sent to VICE News and Ryan Shapiro, a historian and doctoral candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who specializes in national security research.

“For your information,” the letter said, “e-mails in the enclosed documents which use the account name ‘Lew Alcindor’ denote e-mails to or from former Attorney General Holder.”

The letter was part of about 500 pages of heavily redacted emails and other documents [pdf at the end of this story] given to VICE News and Shapiro in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed in late 2014. The documents show that Justice Department officials sent emails to Lew Alcindor regarding calls from lawmakers for a federal investigation into claims that CIA personnel spied on Senate staffers while the Senate was drafting a report about the CIA’s torture program. Holder’s name does not appear anywhere in his Lew Alcindor email account.




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  • frankenbiker

    Owevomit, and Holder are both huge pieces of fecal matter. Both are gay, and both are bound to destroy or hinder the US economy and our standing in the world.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Here’s a simple question: would you choose as a close friend a person known to a chronic or a pathological liar, someone who is clearly dishonest and untrustworthy?

    If not, why do you support Hillary Clinton for president?

    If you would, then you’ll get what you deserve. And it won’t be good.

  • Momma

    I hope I’m here to watch this all come crashing down on these people.