FBI Answer to FOIA Request on Clinton Email Server

The FBI has responded to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request by VICE news. While there are no real specifics on what the investigation has uncovered, there are some very interesting tidbits as the FBI explains it actions. Of particular interest to you will be who the investigation referral requests came from. It all has to do with intelligence security. How much longer will this go on before the Justice Department sees fit to take a position? Where and what will be the breaking point? Will the elite keep their ranks closed and protect Hillary? Hopefully, soon, there will be “film at 11.”

Hillary Clinton Emails

As Written By Jason Leopold at VICE News:

FBI Reveals New Details About Its Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email Server

The FBI submitted a classified declaration to a federal court judge late Friday explaining details about the bureau’s “pending investigation” into the use of a private email server by Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The declaration addresses why the FBI can’t publicly release any records about its probe in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by VICE News.

In a separate public declaration, David Hardy, the chief of the FBI’s FOIA office, said there are a number of documents exchanged between the FBI and the State Department relating to the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server, which stored all of the official government emails Clinton sent and received during her tenure as Secretary of State. But the FBI, which consulted with attorneys within its Office of General Counsel “who are providing legal support to the pending investigation,” cannot divulge any of them without “adversely affecting” the integrity of its investigation.

Some of the documents at issue concern “server equipment and related devices obtained from former Secretary Clinton,” Hardy said. The documents “consist of memoranda from the FBI to the Department of State regarding evidence. The purpose of these communications with the Department of State was to solicit assistance in furtherance of the FBI’s investigation.”




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  • Ant. I. Liberal

    ANYONE ELSE ! They would have been In Prison with Dry Bread and Water ! What a BLACK MARK on the FBI ! J. Edgar is SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE !

  • Bladerunner

    Anyone of us would have been in jail before the ink had time to dry!

  • Moss500

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    • Rippie

      Same ayhole all the time, too. (S)He changes their account daily to stay ahead of us flaggers and reporters. After doing so for months, I’ve given up, precisely the goal of such a technique. Many companies managing blogs with threaded response capabilities have developed algorithms that detect such persons and block them from ever registering again. Given how widely used Disqus is, I am amazed they haven’t either bought a script or written one themselves to prevent this sort of abuse.

      This is the same avatar/icon photo used in every example of this account I’ve seen over the last year since it started up. It should not be that difficult for Disqus to buy or license a working spambot-detector to stop this person and anyone else who intends to do likewise.

  • Melanie Philip

    Well at least it is still ongoing, however, nothing much about the Clinton Foundation yet either, too bad, if she is nominated for the Presidency, I think Americans are in trouble and she will give herself a “get out of jail free” card.

  • Rippie

    Feebs are correct. This is a complex and sensitive investigation and not as cut and dry as people think since this all started before it was not allowed.

    The real issue is the confidential or secret info that came to and went from this fairly unsecure server that was, astonishingly, not hacked, that anyone has every determined.

    Given what the FBI are look at and analyzing, of course they can’t openly disclose any of it, and an ex-military gee-whiz-nius like West should be able to discern that.

    Well, one more astute than West is, apparently.

    • PeaceMaker

      Ah Rippie…” since this all started before it was not allowed.” Ah BS it is illegal to set up your own server to bypass official email why?
      1; Security, 2: Historical Documentation ( Government Documents are to be preserved, and usually double backup system.)by the way that is federal law.) 3: The work you do belongs to the federal government, so is the property of the people of the US. and can or will be used against you. Since they bypassed the official system but transmitted official emails across the system, the US claims said system as government property. You plug a mouse, thumb drive or iphone into a government computer network it is now government property. And yes I do know what I am talking about since I have maintained a security clearance for over two decades. So destruction of government property, destruction of evidence, transmitting classified material over an unsecured network, and espionage. By the way you can be charged with espionage with out the need to show intent. And for that the death penalty is a possibility. And each secret transmitted on her server carries up to 20 years per breach of security.
      You can act like she did nothing wrong but if you did it you would be looking at a few hundred to a few thousand years in jail and or death.

      • Rippie

        Oh, I remember. I was USN IS, LCDR (Ret) and, as I’m sure you can appreciate, cannot disclose anything about my job… fines, jail time, you understand. I have used aliases online (NEVER my real name) since the early 70s, when I first got onto (d)arpanet. I watched one of the original nodes built and going online in the late 60s.

        However, my comment is civilian accessible info: There were no rules at all prohibiting Clinton from using her own equipment. From my perspective, I am concerned that the contents of that server were NOT backing up regularly to a secure server at State.

        And because of that, if I were the SA or AD in charge of the examination of her server, I’d be very sure that I refused a FOIA on National Security grounds until I was absolutely sure what was safe to release or inform publicly or not. This is the rationale behind the limited batch releases by the FBI thus far.

        As far as having allowed Clinton to scrub the server of her “personal” intermingled content, I am MORE furious than you are that she was allowed to do so before surrendering the rack. I would never have allowed that if this was my investigation.

        Clinton has juice and was lazy and stupid about this, but for STATE, what she did was mostly legal… ish…

        Her entire “defense” has centered around the old regs being in force for the first year she was Sec of State. Bill has openly stated that he warned her it was a VERY bad idea and not to do it, and Obama claims he told her similar, but it was not against the regs so long as she kept any classified content OFF it or going through it.

        She did not.

        And that’s why, in order to be sure, Feebs must go through everything that’s been left on the rack and that includes reconstructing partial filestreams in order to rebuild messages that were deleted. Even using the sorts of gear that they have, as do any decent Intel Agencies, it’s time consuming and there is some risk of damaging the very data being examined, especially if it has been partially deleted.

        A saving grace is that her “IT Kid,” as she said of him a couple or three years ago, is a sloppy hack and whatever security measures he took or not… they got VERY lucky with that sitting duck of a rack.

        I’m not a big fan of Feebs, but it’s their game and they need time without being second guessed by 330M people every moment to get this all straight.

        You’re right. If I did what it sure as hell looks like Cllinton did, aside from the offsite, insecure server bypassing the State servers, even now with some years retired, I’d be in the brig for, what, probably a 10 year sentence for each breaching message, another 10 each for the violations involving the gear, bypass, etc, and they’d likely be consecutive service. I’d die in prison, of course.

        Then there’s the matter of the $10K fine per violation… that would be very painful for me. Not so much for the rich B-Queen, but teeth grinding aside, you know as well as I… We are not an egalitarian society and some people have juice that most do not.

        Clinton has juice.

        I don’t understand why this all hasn’t been put behind one way or the other BEFORE the race to the WH. Her run may have ended up being a gigantic waste of time, further throwing this election cycle into a state of chaos. The GOP will surely be destroyed nearly instantly. What’s going on here with Clinton and the “fix” that’s in to assure her nomination regardless of the vote, unless the Supers break the fix and go with the candidate who earns them, is angering Dems.

        I have a feeling Mickey Mouse may get an unusually high number of write-ins this November.

        Look, I know Clinton has done a number of things that are wrong or illegal or both, but I can’t shake my, um, job and how I learned to think. I like evidence. LOTS of it. I like to think that the person that’s being come after has ZERO chance of weaseling out from under the weight of the evidence, without using any underhanded tactics, which I didn’t do. Can’t speak for the Feebs, but I’m a fan of certainty, regardless if I don’t like her or not. I tend to be, what’s the word… relentless. Once I smell the blood, it’s on and it’s over.

        I believe the Feebs deserve the opportunity to achieve the same level of steam-roller inevitability, if it’s there, and I suspect it is.

        But this takes time and it takes secrecy. You can’t run an Intel or Police Agency without secrecy. I realize Libertarians hate that, but that is what big boys do in big boy societies with big boy stakes.

        Perhaps from different angles, we are hoping for a similar outcome. I just like the ability to collect intel and data without all the BS that comes from being TOO transparent. I don’t know what your job is, but if you’ve been at it for 20+ years even if you’re still doing field radioman ops as an NCO (by now, I’d hope), you understand exactly what I’m talking about without saying what I’m talking about. Good investigations require space to occur. The Feebs are doing the right thing.

        Remember, non sibi sed patriae.

        And with that, I bid you a good evening.

  • fahkir1

    Hitlary for PRISON 2016