FBI Director It’s Impossible To Vet Every Single Refugee [VIDEO]

An influx of Iraqi refugees after the Iraq war was easier for the agency to cope with because the U.S. had been in Iraq for several years at the time.

The situation in Syria, Comey said, was ‘different.’

FBI admits there’s no way to screen all the Syrian refugees the Obama administration plans to accept into the US.


H/T The Daily Caller: Video FBI Director It’s Impossible To Vet Every Single Refugee | The Daily Caller





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  • Marcy Scrot

    There’s no need to vet them. ISIS is contained per our president so send them all back home.

  • usn

    Who was vetted more than nidal hasan the fort hood shooter he was a major in the army. how did that work out !!!!!!

    • Dutch

      How did it work out. He wasn’t a terrorist. He was mentally ill. And
      many knew that.

  • Moss500

    But, but …. according to obama, we have a “robust screening and vetting process.” You don’t suppose he lied, do you?

    • Dutch

      Read the above article. It doesn’t mean no mistakes will be made.
      It means that we are vetting the entrants as best we can.

      • Moss500

        Anyone with a brain should know that vetting most of these refugees is a futile effort. Their countries of origin probably have no records to access. And, I highly doubt that ISIS or the Taliban have membership rosters. So, “as best we can” means nothing when these illegals are coming here in droves. The only way to protect ourselves is to stop the influx until it’s more controllable. What is so hard for you idiots to understand?

        • Dutch

          Anyone with a brain knows why you say what you say. You do not
          have a charitable bone in your body and you are afraid of anyone
          who is not us, as defined by you.

          Now Trump becomes President you may seriously find some problems. People know when they are hated. Don’t hate, and you
          will be safer.

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    Americans didn’t screen the Muslim Marxist in Chief before voting him into office. They can now enjoy being beheaded on the world stage.

    • Dutch

      Let me know when that happens.

      • USAnowMSAsadly

        Dutch, just curious. When you are masterbating to pictures of your goddess obama, do you moan or scream? What is it about a committed Marxist like obama that makes you wet yourself? You brain dead Libtards are incapable of seeing the damage that he has inflicted upon our country. It’s ok. You are not alone. Your one or two sentence responses only confirm your inability to argue a point. I guess losers do as losers do. God help you.

        • Dutch

          My “goddess” Obama!!! “committed Marxist” “brain dead”

          I will write more if you will write less. At the beginning of the election
          period, I wrote lengthy treatises about why I believe what I believe and
          why I am voting for Hillary and more specifically why I am not voting
          for Trump.

          Now, I’m sick of it. So I resort to an old favorite of mine – Sarcasm. I
          have majored in it most of my life. I grew up in a conservative
          family, who lived in a conservative town, and went to a conservative
          church, and I went to a conservative college – and then I became a

          My family was the sort of conservative who when they prayed, they
          said “Thy will be done” but really mean “My will be done” because
          they knew exactly what God wanted, their interpretation was dead on,
          and not only that, but it should be the law of the land.

          Other conservatives just want government out of their hair. And then
          there are the really bad ass conservatives who fear anything that
          isn’t them – those who are not white, those who are not Christian,
          those who don’t speaka da language. They are racist in every way
          you can imagine, and feel proud of it.

          They act very juvenile, to go along with their juvenile mind set.
          Every Muslim is evil, every Muslim is a potential danger to us, every
          black guy is evil, every black guy is a potential danger to us. We
          can’t stay alive without our trusty gun by our side.

          Just for kicks, just exactly what kind of damage has Obama inflicted
          on us? I want to you to prove what I feel about you is right.