FBI Foils Terror Attack at Florida Synagogue [VIDEO]

WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

As Reported By WSVN News:

Federal agents arrested a man who, sources said, was planning to throw an explosive device into a South Florida synagogue.

According to law enforcement sources, the FBI set up a sting to thwart what they described as a terror attack at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Friday evening.

Sources said agents posing as terrorists were able to stop, the man, who, they said, may have converted to Islam.

Sources told 7News they are concerned about this case because Medina wanted to take some type of explosive device and chuck it over the wall. Friday was the next-to-last day of Passover, and the center was crowded with people observing the holiday.

Concerned residents said they were disturbed by the arrest. “I think about, before we had a baby, that we used to go there for services, and God forbid, it could have been us,” said Stephanie Levine. “Thank God they stopped him, but had they not, it would have been such a horrible thing to happen to this neighborhood.”




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  • JDH

    So,liberals will want a prison term? Proper justice for for “attempted terrorism murder” should be “execution” as a preventative measure!

    • John King


    • OzzWorx

      Douse them with pig fat and light them on fire!

  • Raul

    Why Jews keep voting for Democrats is beyond me. A party leading them to slaughter, AGAIN.

    • futurelife

      brainwashed like our youth are today and we know the blacks have been brainwashed for many years now.

      • Ed Wade

        Brainwashed are those that believe this really happened. All these “attacks” are phony false flags. But they got what they wanted. Everyone is talking about it. Thank God our “protectors” thwarted this non-event. Can we have some more foreighn UN troops, please?

        • Barsanophius

          Isn’t that tin foil hat of yours a bit tight?

          • Ed Wade

            Brilliant retort, dipshit. You write that one yourself? Get up, go outside, look up. See anything unnatural? That’s your government protecting you. Read a book sometime.

          • Barsanophius

            Hey Asshat, you’re one of those morons who think that 9-11 was an inside job, right? Sandy Hook never happened either, right? I suppose that when you see a passenger jet flying overhead, it’s spraying chemicals too. People like you are dangerous because of your ignorance and paranoia. Go listen to Alex Jones and revel in your inane stupidity with your legions of conspiracy theorists. I trust my government as much as I trust the fairytales you and your ilk spout. Go and take your meds, because your psychosis is a bit annoying

          • Ed Wade

            And you’re one of those gullible useful idiots that believes everything you see on TV. I suppose you believe 264 people were injured at the Boston Smoke bombing, even though not one citizen present recorded it, right? None of the thousands present had a camera? Yeah, you’re pretty smart. Try doing real research and learn to use critical thinking why don’t you?

            You chose to engage me you stupid fuckwit. Stick your ignorant, gullible head back in the sand. Leave the real thinking to people that can read books and stuff..

          • Barsanophius

            I chose to engage you because of your stupid and dangerous paranoia. My apologies if pointing out your degraded mental state offends you, but people who hold your types of beliefs are completely insane, and a danger to society

          • Ed Wade

            Since it is clear what you are now, you are not worth the time. Go away dick head.

          • Barsanophius

            And what is it that is clear to to you that I am? I am curious? And another question, why is it that you believe that the Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook and probably 9-11 are false flag ops? In all seriousness, I would like to understand why you believe that any terrorist act is a US government inside job? If you can be honest with me about your beliefs about these events, (without all the sarcasm and insults we have been throwing back and forth at each other), I think it would be valuable to understand where you are coming from

          • Ed Wade

            Once you said you were there and saw it personally, you exposed yourself as a liar. My wife and her brother WERE there. My posts are being deleted by the moderators who know I speak the truth. Yes, Col West is one of them too. Go away.

          • Barsanophius

            How is it that you can make the assertion that because I said I was there that I have exposed myself as a liar? That rather presumptive don’t you think? By the same token, the 10s if not hundreds of thousands of people who were standing along the final 1/2 mile of the marathon route, who witnessed the tragedy, are they also liars. I didn’t say I was at the finish line, I did say I was on Boylston St. about a half mile or so from the finishline. I heard the explosions, saw the smoke from the blasts and saw the chaos and many of the wounded.
            That being said, how have I been exposed as a liar? And what does Allan West have anything to do with this? I know where you are coming from with your beliefs, I have friends and associates who share beliefs similar too you. That’s fine, I let them believe what they want and they afford me the same respect.
            But again I’m trying to understand why you believe what you do, in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence that seems to show that the event did occur?

          • Ed Wade

            Because there was no carnage, no injuries. These “blasts” didn’t even tip over the styrofoam cups on the tables within 30 feet. You saw no injuries. That means you are a liar. The 10’s or 100’s were kept behind a baracade 1/2 mile away while this hoax was staged. Why are there no cell phone camera shots from any of those people? Where is the “overwhelming empirical evidence that seems to show that the event did occur” ? There is none. I have undeniable proof it was all a hoax. As well, Sandy Hook and dozens of others. UNDENIABLE proof. Adam Lanza never existed. All of those kids are alive. I and millions of others have seen the videos of them singing at the Super Bowl. What does Allen West have to do with it? Did you notice that you are spewing your bullshit on his website? Half or more of my responses are deleted because I speak the undeniable, provable truth. West is what is known as “controlled opposition.” Such like FOX News is.

          • Barsanophius

            What is your undeniable proffered that it didn’t happen, please share that with me so that I can understand where you are coming from. I will tell you this, there was shrapnel marks on surrounding building where the bombs went off that remained for weeks afterwards. There was not only cellphone pics and video, there was closed circuit cameras on businesses on Boylston St. Which captured the attack, and there was video footage captured by local Boston tv stations that caught the carnage. What am I seeing when I see people heading to the finish line only to have their legs blown off from underneath them? That video footage was broadcast live as it happened.
            The is no evidence to insist that Adam Lanza, is a fictional construct.

          • Ed Wade

            Nope, you’re lying again. Shrapnel “marks” don’t go away after weeks, they result from pieces of material being removed from a blast, and are permanent. You didn’t see any. Show me all these cellphone pics and video. You didn’t see anyone’s legs blown off. Didn’t happen.
            Sandy Hook Elementary was shut down in 2008 due to black mold. It was not even in operation for the 4 years prior to that hoax. This is one tiny provable little fact for you from someone that does hard research on these events, me. I have proven hundreds of such facts. You’re an idiot. Go away.

          • Barsanophius

            The burden of proof lies with you. You make the dogmatic assertion that not only did these event never happened, but that you have knowledge that the Sandy Hook victims ate still alive and well. That the 3 dead in Boston are still alive and well and that all the injured never were injured. Please provide concrete info as to where these people are living. I deal with facts some give me the victims addresses so that all of us unbelievers can believe your story.

          • Ed Wade

            You mean like the “fact” you saw people injured? Funny, I feel no burden to prove anything to you. But try Googling: “sandy hook kids are alive.”
            You came from nowhere insulting me and then proceeded to lie about personal knowledge of something I know to be false. I have no more regard for you than something my neighbor’s dog left in my yard. I scrape you from my shoe and move on. Again, just go away.

          • Barsanophius

            You won’t prove it because #1, there absolutely no evidence to back up your allegations. And #2, you are nothing but a coward to make such absurd statements, ridicule my position and then say, ” I don’t have to anything to prove you”.
            I think if you’re going to spout your FICTION on Disqus, you owe every one who reads your ‘stories’ an explanation as to why your conspiracy theories are correct, yet anyone who disagrees with your fairy tales is a liar.
            And your dog excrement analogy betrays your age as being somewhere between 13 to 15

          • Ed Wade

            Intelligent, critical thinkers know all they have to do is use Google to check the accuracy of anything I have said. You, on the other hand, well … not worth my time. I’m sure you wonder why your family avoids you but no one here wonders.

          • Barsanophius

            Listen my conspiracy theorist friend, if you have this SECRET KNOWLEDGE which you claim to have you wouldn’t hesitate to put it out for the public to investigate. You can’t or you wont, because you a tin foil hat wearing lies conspiracy nut. You more than likely get your information from Alex Jones, Info wars and Prison Planet. You are a fraud and a menace to society. For the sake of mankind, I hope you never decide to reproduce. The lies you believe as truth are dangerous, and you are a danger. Get medical help before it’s too late.

          • Barsanophius

            And you know nothing about my personal knowledge of anything. It shows your complete ignorance of terrorist threats facing America. It’s a conspiracy, what you saw was a false flag operation, the Bildebergers were behind it, it was the Tri-laterial Commission, the CFR is involved. It was a black ops false flag incident. DO YOU KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS YOU SOUND TO PEOPLE READING THIS THREAD? YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT

          • Ed Wade

            I never said any of that stuff, dumbass. Again, you began by insulting me. Want to see the idiot, look in the mirror. I gave you 2 examples and you never bothered to look at them. Grow up. Go away. I’m done with you.

          • Barsanophius

            Yes you ignorant conspiracy theorist, 9 do believe that 3 died and 250 odd people were injured. The reason I believe that is because I was on Boylston Street watching the Marathon that day, I saw 5he carnage first hand.

  • MajorMajor411

    Ever notice these numb-nuts want only to do evil….all in the name of their moon god ‘Allah’. How stupid…it’s not even a religion..it’s an ideology.