FBI Renews WARNING to Planned Parenthood Of Possible Violent Attacks

The FBI is renewing its warnings today that Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide could find themselves targets of violent attacks.


A newly-released FBI Intelligence Assessment says, “it is likely criminal or suspicious incidents will continue to be directed against reproductive health care providers, their staff and facilities,” reports CBS News’ Jeff Pegues.


The incidents include reported cyber-attacks, threats and arson. The FBI believes the incidents are, “consistent with the actions of lone offenders using tactics of arsons and threats all of which are typical of the pro-life extremist movement”.

The warning comes as GOP and Democratic members of Congress grapple with measures to remove Planned Parenthood from the overall government spending bill.

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  • Sruss745

    Suzanne Wiggins Russell ·
    University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
    These idiots! What do they think PRO LIFE means? That means that we value ALL life, not just the good guys, but the bad ones also. We want them to be brought to justice, but no real PRO LIFE person would do harm to another over this. That’s just crazy and counterproductive!

    • David

      You’re right – in principle. But there are those who fanatic to the point they would not see that their actions are anti-life. We have witnessed violence and murder against abortion providers in the past and sadly will again. And there are those pro-abortion folk who wouldn’t be above a little destruction if they could pass it off as activity of an anti-abortion group.

      • Sruss745

        Yes, there are always people on the fringe of society who will use any excuse to do what they want, but extreme behavior is not condoned by the norm of pro life people.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    FBI Renews WARNING to Planned Parenthood Of Possible Violent Attacks???

    Are welfare babies born with guns now? That would be something!

    You abort me mo’fo’ and I’ll cap yo azz!