Feds Fight Release of Hillary Whitewater Indictment draft

Judicial Watch is suing the National Archives and Records Administration for copies of a draft indictment against Hillary Clinton for her role in the Whitewater scandal.

Hillary Clinton America Rising Says No

As Reported By Brendan Bordelon for National Review:

In a press release sent to reporters late on Tuesday, Judicial Watch announced its intent to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against NARA for withholding an indictment written by Hickman Ewing, Jr., the deputy independent counsel and prosecutor investigating Whitewater, in 1996. The agency admitted it had found the records in March 2015 but is withholding the documents, claiming their release would constitute an unwarranted invasion of Clinton’s privacy.

“Judicial Watch has confirmed the existence of draft indictments of Hillary Clinton for her lies and obstruction in the Whitewater bank-fraud investigation,” the group’s president Tom Fitton wrote in the statement. “The Obama administration is refusing to release these records out of concern for Hillary Clinton’s privacy. Hillary Clinton’s privacy cannot be allowed to trump the public’s interest in knowing more about whether she obstructed justice and lied to a federal grand jury.”




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  • http://consciouseffectiveparenting.info/ Carol

    They should be indicted, found guilty and imprisoned for all their wrongdoing.

    • Conservative

      and yet they sit in the high places telling the hard working taxpayers how evil we are and should be paying more to support them, those who will not work for a living, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities. There is so much waste, fraud and abuse in government brought about by politicians who ‘buy’ votes and do all in their power to cause division among the people.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Imprisoned my buttocks, I’m not paying to house these TRAITORS in those country club prisons………………………..To The Gallows!!!

  • Chas

    Go for it, JW! You ladies and gentlemen rock!! Hang the worthless wench!!!

  • Dave In Arizona

    Not gonna happen. Those Whitewater documents have been sealed with Obama’s records.

  • Tiredofsocializm

    Both of thier “grifter” asses should be in jail!

    • bsum1

      Hang ’em high….

  • KC


    • Conservative

      Dems priorities are ‘buying/bribing people for votes with all their (taxpayer’s) stuff so they can remain poor, on the plantations, and voting for Democrats who just do not care about corruption or what is going on in the world or the U.S. The fact is, if it were not for the downtrodden blacks who they have done nothing, do not want to make the effort to register or vote, it’s just too inconvenient and illegal aliens who the taxpayers must support and laws must be changed so that they can vote. In essence, the freeloaders, uneducated blacks, Hispanics and illegal aliens is their voting block. They promise to meet all their needs without working for it and where has it gotten them? Right in the briar patch they are tricked into entering.

  • frankenbiker

    Of course there’s a transparency issue with the goatfckers regime, and clintons campaign. Both said they’re the most transparent administration in history. So we know the exact opposite is actually the truth. She should have been imprisoned for her role in Whitewater, and she sure the hell should be prosecuted and jailed over her email scandal. If she had any character at all, she’d drop out of the presidential race, but we know she won’t, because her character is that of a common criminal and sociopath.

    • Conservative

      She should be convicted for the manslaughter of three Amb. Stevens and three other good Americans because of her dealings with Blumenthal she ignored Stevens numerous and continuous for backup and reinforcements. She sent him into Lybia and kept him there after all the other Countries realized the danger and pulled out leaving just Americans. Was this because she was working on big money deals with Blumenthal. She sure managed to stay in communication with him but ignored continuous pleas for help from Amb. Stevens. Where were her mind and heart? Certainly not on ‘her job as S.O.S., it was on making money deals with Libya’s interest in negotiating with Blumenthal, and her negotiating for multi-thousand speaking deals for Bill, along with whatever promises she was making on the assumption she would be the next president of the U.S.

  • Terrie Fischer

    And the ignorant “sheeple” that don’t bother or know how to read about her past activities will vote her in, just like they did Obama. I’m not sure which is worse; the criminals that hold public office or the ignorant people that voted them in.
    JW is a great group that is trying to get the transparency we need and deserve but seems to hit continuous road blocks put up by the very officials that should be working with them, not against them.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Another ad for the muslim sex slave market!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Don’t worry JW! All of the TRAITORS will be punished when the Revolution is successful!

  • ConDada

    “The Obama administration is refusing to release these records out of concern for Hillary Clinton’s privacy.”

    I didn’t know you were entitled to privacy if you were going to be indicted for a crime. What a BS response. Her privacy? Seriously? This is someone running for presidency. I think the people have a right and more so want to know. What a joke.