Feds WARN against releasing Clinton aide’s immunity deal 

The Department of Justice needs to keep an immunity deal  secret?? It seems that Hillary Clinton’s IT guy, former State Department contractor Bryan Pagliano, has a LIMITED immunity deal with the FBI. Revealing what is covered in the deal would also reveal the scope of the Clinton email server investigation. The FBI does not want that to happen. Therefore, it sounds like Pagliano could plead the 5th from dawn till dark. Never in the history of mankind has so little been known about so much by so many. This investigation is like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. Will the truth every be known?

hillary clinton booed

As Written By Julian Hattem for The Hill:

The Justice Department is pushing to keep the terms of an immunity agreement with a former IT aide to Hillary Clinton under seal, warning that release of the documents could undermine its ongoing investigation connected to Clinton’s private email server.

Releasing the agreements reached with former State Department contractor Bryan Pagliano “could prematurely reveal the scope and focus of the pending investigation,” the Justice Department said in its Friday filing. “Therefore, if this court determines that it has a need to review the agreements, the United States respectfully requests that the court exercise its inherent discretion to receive the agreements ex parte and under seal.” ……

Full Story Here:

Feds warn against releasing Clinton aide’s immunity deal | TheHill



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