Fmr CIA Officer: San Bernardino Shooting Resembles Middle East Attacks 

Former CIA case officer Robert Baer told CNN that the San Bernardino shooting  was carried out using tactics employed in the Middle East.

Robert Booker “Bob” Baer is an American author and a former CIA case officer who was primarily assigned to the Middle East.

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Written By Adelle Nazarian for Breitbart:

Speaking on CNN’s Out Front with Erin Burnett Wednesday, former CIA case officer Robert Baer said the most “disturbing” aspect of the deadly San Bernardino shooting is that it was carried out using tactics that are employed in the Middle East.

“What I don’t like about this shooting is multiple shooters… IEDs… I say this very reluctantly, but this has the hallmarks of the sort of attacks you see in the Middle East,” Baer said.

Former FBI special agent Robert Chacon agreed with Baer’s assertions later on in the show.

The shooting began around 11 a.m. Pacific time when several suspects opened fire at a conference center where a holiday party was reportedly being held. One suspect was killed and another is at large. There are 14 reported deaths so far and 14 injured victims.

Pipe bombs were also found in the area around the …





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  • talltreetrader

    Obama’s Refugee plan is working. Wake up people it is time for this Government to be run by the people, not Islam or EU or NWO!

    • don2478

      or United Nations (UN)

  • JDW

    Is it me or has there been more of these shooting than in the past. Northern states, cities like Chicago-Detroit-New York have always been violent. Are these shootings the past 8 years staged to create reason for gun control; martial law. I am suspicious of late with all these gun problems. Am I wrong?

    • Charlie Fogwhistle

      The Obama Administration sent weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico in Operation Fast and Furious. Who knows where else they’ve sent guns?

    • don2478

      The Obama administration has sent guns to muslim brotherhood and other groups similar to muslim brotherhood, like Boko Haram, which was done with Hillary’s support and approval. remember that Hillary blocked the linkage of Boko Haram as a terrorist organization by our government when she was Secretary of State. Additionally, the Obama administration has prevented pilots from bombing ISIS targets, even when the targets are clearly visible, under the guise of not allowing one civilian to die. furthermore, the Obama admin has allowed the muslim brotherhood to work in the administration and some members even have access to military plans for fighting the terrorists. Barack Hussein Obama was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Egyptian case against mubarack, a member of the muslim brotherhood, who lead the jihadist government, in their attacking Christian churches and killing Christians, after the overthrow of the civilian elected Egyptian government. Adding to this, situation is the death of one of the Sandy Hook students who was reportedly shot dead in Sandy Hook and died 2 years later in a raid by some terrorists members of the Taliban on the Army Public School in Peshawar Pakistan. this student’s, Noah Posner, death in Pakistan in Dec 2014 was first noticed and reported by the BBC and disappeared in a vacuum of Obama supporting mass media cover-ups in the USA. So the Sandy Hook shootings have apparently not really happened. OBTW: please do not forget that Obama literally created ISIS to get rid of the Syrian President: Assad. With all this evidence of some type of background story going on, it seems that there is something being concocted to bring American citizens to the point where they cannot defend themselves from an attack by the muslim brotherhood or someone like them. to accomplish this the government must prevent citizens from owning firearms to defend themselves and this country. As the Detroit police chief, james craig, said the other day, the best way to prevent violence is to have more citizen carrying firearms and here he is echoing Washington DC chief of police, Kathy Lanier. since congress seems unwilling to allow this then the development of what Obama calls his personal army, i.e., departments of the federal government which he has armed and provided ammunition for, seems a blatant attempt to by-pass the congressional authorization required in the 1878 law called Posse Comitatus Act. Since his departments are not military, per se, then he does not need congressional approval to use these departments for attacking civilians and suspending laws already on the books or confiscating firearms. Thus, by declaring martial law he could become a dictator if he wanted to. sorry this is so long, but wanted you to know there is a large database of support for your ideas.

      • JDW

        I appreciate someone who will take the time to post as you did. Thank you.

  • clearh2os

    It would be very interesting if some of these guns were traced back to obama’s Fast and Furious campaign

  • James Dillon

    You will not find this too much in the South because we carry our guns everywhere, even to church and the toilet

  • don2478

    Obama has been mocking and openly laughing at those people who are not wanting the refugees to come into the USA since they cannot be vetted because of a lack of traceability in their own country. Please remember that one of the terrorist shot in San Bernardino, CA yesterday was a female and early reports indicated that she shot the armed guard at the entrance door they used. So no need to fear the women who shoot people and children who are used to carry suicide bombs into public areas, yeah-right! let’s wait and see Obama’s response to this question, surely the media will ask it now?