Gen Flynn blasts Gen Allen for Clinton Endorsement

As reported and seen first on Fox News. Ex-DIA director and Donald Trump supporter says he doesn’t understand how the former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan can back someone who ‘cannot tell the truth’

A battle of the brass has broken out in the wake of the Republican and Democratic party conventions, as one of the top generals supporting Donald Trump lashes out at retired Marine Gen. John Allen who delivered a tough-as-nails endorsement of Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia Thursday night.

Full Story Here:

Battle of the generals: Flynn blasts Allen for Clinton endorsement | Fox News



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  • JimSherwood3

    General Allen is acting like a general who already knows Hilary Clinton is going to “WIN” by hook or crook. Maybe he will be put in command of the forces who will be charged with the task of putting down the “rebellion” after Hillary becomes POTUS. I’m with Trump …but…this election is going to be the most corrupted election in our history.