German town sends refugee bus to Merkel’s office!

A German small town Thursday sent a bus with 31 Syrian refugees on a road trip to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in protest against her liberal migrant policy.


As Reported By AFP:

The Bavarian district chief behind the journey to Berlin, Peter Dreier, said his rural area was buckling under the strain of a mass influx that brought 1.1 million migrants to Germany last year.

Local citizens had told him “it’s time we set a limit,” he said. “We are trying to help these people integrate. But that won’t work if this year we face another wave of one million, or even more.”

Calling the trip “an act of desperation,” he said he had warned Merkel about his plans in a phone call last October, and had announced it to her office on Wednesday.





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  • bikerdogred1

    Time for Merkelstein to take the bus.

  • georgeIIII

    Her career and legacy are toast !

  • Legalcld

    US states need to do the same, any ILLEGAL or refugee sent to their state should be rounded up and sent to the white house! Let O and his family take care of them$$

    • Sandra Stanislav

      and to any politician who has voted for them and stolen our tax money to give it to them.

  • frankenbiker

    What a great idea, except they should have just sent bodies. THAT would have sent a real message.

  • bikerdogred1

    Time for the Gods to look over Germany.

  • Bob

    I’ve long said, all the CRIMINALS and ILLEGALS that our congress and president TURN LOOSE on us, should be sent to LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THEM!!
    And take away their body guards and guns too!!
    See how they like it!

    • tatka150

      They will purchase a tons of diapers