GOP Candidates Ready To Rumble? Allen West Weighs In, Who Would He Pick Right Now?

GOP Candidates Ready To Rumble? Allen West Weighs In

Allen West tells us exactly what he is looking to hear and see from the candidates tomorrow night. Watch!


“We don’t need a circular firing squad, but to talk about how they could be the best person in restoring this constitutional republic.”

Greta tries to corner LTC Allen West into telling us who he is ‘leaning’ towards. You will have to watch to hear his answer!


AW GOP Debate



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  • hangman57

    Trumps my guy !

  • liberalssuck

    Mr. Cruz, however if Trumps gets the nod, I can get behind him.

  • Donald H Sullivan

    Right now I’m for Trump, but as a right leaning Independent, I will get behind any of them. I would even hold my nose and get behind Bush. Even he will be far better than any Socialist from the DNC.

    • Modern Moses

      Jeb is the poster child of R.I.N.O. If you look at his statements, he’s really just a white obama, with a new twist. Or, you could say a Hillary with a “kick stand”

      • mspatdev

        Bush is for common core = communist. This is a disaster to all schools. The Education Secretary of the USA is Arne Duncan. He is a homo and a communist. We don’t want this kind of schooling in our schools. obama has gone into poor district and dangled a lot of money that they will get if they take common core. There is a lot states that is trying to get out of having common core as it is ruining their schools and children.

    • Sha Sha

      No Bush No Clinton

      • mspatdev

        That is so very true. An especially a clinton. She is the worlds 2nd liar as obama is the first. She would be a 2nd obama and we do not need that.

        • Douglas

          I know it sounds impossible but She might be worse than Obama. She would at least be as destructive.

          • youngka

            Douglas, I think you are absolutely right! Probably learned while husband served his first term…… Very sad that a good number of the people are so corrupt….What I have been hearing re politics is really pathetic!

    • Dr. Strangelove

      If Bush gets the nod, I’ll put “I Wanna Be Elected” in my 8-track player on the way to the polls and write in Alice Cooper.

    • Chris G

      I will be very interested in who the Constitution Party nominates for POTUS next year. I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin in 2008, & would love to do it again in 2016.

      • jag57

        The Constitution Party has had 24 years to become viable, but all they have done is keep some good candidates from being elected, and I’m not saying it is the fault of their Platform. The debates on forming a 3rd Conservative Party were held in St. Louis, and San Jose, Costa Rica, in May and December of 1990; I was there for both debates. Ron Paul and Howard Phillips were the main debaters, Ron was a libertarian at that time, but the party wasn’t viable, and after the debates, he thought a 3rd Conservative Party didn’t stand much chance of becoming viable, but never the less, Howard Phillips launched the U.S. Taxpayers Party, in 1991, which became the Constitution Party. The reason I write this comment frequently, is because very few people have a clue about how or why the Constitution Party got started.

        • Chris G

          I really admire Howard Phillips. He would have made one heck of a POTUS. I remember watching him in one of the POTUS debates on C-SPAN & he blew everyone away w/ how straightforward he was. IIRC, Phillips really embarrassed the nominee of the Natural Law Party (which I thought was based in a commune from Iowa, possibly?) in one of the debates.

          On 2008 I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin rather than RINO globalist Juan McCain & don’t regret it one bit.

  • Modern Moses

    You know he wants to say TRUMP!

  • Da’BULL

    IMO I’d like to see Trump and Cruz on the same ticket, either / or.

    • Ray

      That is a good pick for me too. Cruz will speak his mind and tell the truth and the Senate can not stand it. He told Mitch McConnell, majority leader he was lying about whether the Senate would vote to revive the Export-Import Bank. John McCain opened his big mouth and said it was outside the realm of Senate behavior.
      It is going to get interesting. Two good fighters here.

      • Chris G

        I really admire Cruz, considering what little I know about him. But I am concerned about something that I read saying that his wife is a Member if the Council On Foreign Relations. Is THAT correct? The same globalist cabal that includes people such as Kerry, Biden, Cheney, Soros, Kissinger, Albright, Clinton, etc., etc., etc.? How could anyone who calls themselves a Constitutional Conservative have anything to do w/ those guys???

        • TotallyGranny

          I have heard that too. I agree with you. I don’t understand how that could be. It deserves to be watched carefully and looked deeper into before election. I have always heard trust a little then verify, and if deserved trust a little more but keep verifying. Personally I don’t see how they can mix the two within their family then present themselves as complete conservatives, but again it needs verifying. I think before this election we definitely need to do our homework on each candidate before we go to the poles. Leave no stone unturned and demand answers to our questions.

        • jag57

          I believe she resigned from her position at Goldman Sachs and the CFR, when her husband signed on as running for President. If you have ever heard his father speak, you would know a little more about the son; his father is great, and I believe he raised him right.

          • Chris G

            I believe so too. I would love to meet his father….he seems to be a great man!

    • Chris G

      Cruz & Paul are the only 2 of the 17 GOP candidates that I can support. Granted, LTC Allen West is MY #1 choice for POTUS (by a mile!), but unfortunately, he isn’t running.

      IMHO, The Donald might make a good Director for the Border Patrol, although former Rep. Tom Tancredo could do an incredible job in that Office as well. Trump might also make a good Ambassador to either China, Mexico or Russia, but that’s about it.

    • ohsaycanyousee1122

      Both Obama and trump are narcissists. Let’s not get caught up in having an entertaining leader. We need an intelligent one.

  • Pam

    Cruz /Carson would be a good pick. Trump is saying the things that the Average American is thinking , but he is going to have to start putting out some concrete idea/plans before I take him seriously. Trust me just don’t get it.

    • carrsmi

      He is speaking, are you listening?? He has to get elected before he can be very specific but he has PROVEN that he is a man of his word and a man of action NOT BOUGHT and PAID for by any special interest groups. You saw the “paid for” group on the stage at the debates.

      • Pam

        He is saying what needs to be done but has not actually laid out his plan to accomplish it. I have followed Trump before most.of you were born. His first intro was in a.magazine

        • Reba-“HAD ENOUGH YET?”

          None of them have, because they don’t have the time on the NEWS. Closets they have gotten has been on Hannity, but he had to many questions. They need to write it down and post what, when and how they are going to do everything.

          • Pam

            I follow Cruz everywhere he gives a speech . They are on his website in their entirety. The media is a propaganda machine and only wants to put a sensational spin on it. They are no place to learn about a candidate. I am also reading Cruz’s book. If the crazy media keep attacking Trump he is going to be our next President.

      • Pam

        I first read about Trump when he was a up and coming business man. He was the youngest millionaire at that time . He was in his thirties and the pictures in the magazine were in black and white. He needs to calm down and be more specific in how to accomplish what needs to be done. We agree on what, we need to know how . Ever who gets elected is going to have to hit the ground running to pull this country baxk from the brink of ruin . No time for learning the ropes . sorry, no more pass it to see how it works, or elect me to see how I do it. That is what we have had for the past two terms. Faith is all used up.

      • Chris G

        “He has to get elected before he can be very specific but…”

        IOW to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, you need to elect him (
        Trump) before you know what’s in him policy-wise

  • Lou9999

    Anybody but Hillary. Carson, Cruz, Trump, Charles Manson……anybody but Hillary.

  • Jeff Noncent

    I agree with Allen West, but on the other hand we are in a Mess right now

  • TotallyGranny

    What about Carly and Cruz, I think they would make a good team. I think FOX did her a disservice by putting her in the first session. In fact I think they tried to screw a lot of people during the debate. Just baiting Trump from the git go the way they did started the whole thing off with negative feelings. I don’t mind hard difficult questions but you don’t attack with viciousness in your face like Kelly had in hers when you are the Moderator. Debate 101 be impartial. And without displays of emotions in your voice during your questions.

    • Don

      Cruz and Carly would be great. She would be a great Veep. If she doesn’t want the second spot Alan West would be my next choice.

      • TotallyGranny

        Agreed!!! I think Col. West needs to be plugged in somewhere now. I know there will be a Senate seat coming up. Good spot for him. Just can’t see letting a good man like him go to waste. It seems there aren’t very many of those left in politics any more. An honest man with morals and a Christian to boot. God Bless Him.

    • Reba-“HAD ENOUGH YET?”

      Keep researching both of them.

  • TotallyGranny

    Col. West has been my pick for a long time. I have been wishing he would run since forever and I don’t understand why he doesn’t. I think he would be a great President.
    It would be an honor to vote for him. He had my vote!! I have a yard. I need a sign.

    • Chris G

      Imagine America having its 1st non-white POTUS. That very idea would drive the Progressives crazy!

      A POTUS West could go on his own “Apology Tour”…one that apologizes to the world for what Obama has done.

      He could then go to Israel & share his own “Reset Button” as he meets & proudly shakes hands w/ Bibi (& apologizes for Obama on national TV while in Israel).

      • carrsmi

        This election is NOT about RACE please we tried that didn’t we?? We need strong, independent, fearless, shrewd, experienced, bold, leadership that is willing to fight to the death to save this Republic.

        • Chris G

          I understand & agree w/ you. But notice my least sentence: doing what I said would irk the Progressives something fierce due to their being as race-based as they are, & THAT is what I am eagerly looking for.

  • Glenn Slowey

    Cruz maybe, Trump has an ego as big as the Grand Canyon, kinda like Obama. Think about it…

  • Reba-“HAD ENOUGH YET?”

    Colonel West, I keep waiting for one more person to step in and I hope they do soon. I don’t know who it is, but we need a recently Retired General that O booted for the wrong reasons. Who would you recommend?